Super small win 🎉

@AlertEntry made its first 100$ last night

Sadly this isn’t an MRR Saas but still interesting to see some demand

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Small win for me today 🎉

My micro SaaS text messaging service for @AlertEntry got its first sale 💵

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Just thought I'd share this small L ... sometimes helps to put thoughts down so maybe I can come up with some improvements

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How does everyone know how to integrate payments into a SaaS? Some sort of party I missed?

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Built a simple landing page for @AlertEntry upcoming text message feature.

Will let users sign up, choose locations and get the fastest possible alert (text message) so they can quickly book an appointment

Frictionless 🤧

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Just saw a TikTok about a software that automatically creates those Reddit reading style videos 👀 Basically endless content repurposing. Wild

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Pretty interesting to see something I thought was too niche to even put effort into, get some decent traction

Guess getting Global Entry appointments is a headache for everyone

I’m exploring how I can make it a better experience using text message alerts

I put the code up on Github in case anyone wants to explore further:…

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ran out of free Heroku dyne hours, again

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Pretty cool to see @AlertEntry getting recommended & helping some people out #buildinpublic
@WellsLucasSanto Is that what this bot is for: @alertentry?
Implemented the OAuth handshake with Twitter & made a simple banner design page.

Not sure if this is even the best way to put together a design dashboard like this, but its better than nothing

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Was watching @yongfook Bannerbear Journey to $1 million. Loved the breakdown on his approach to marketing. K.I.S.S

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If you've gotten denied for Twitter API access before, try applying again for Essential access. Managed to get my account approved and was a much faster process.

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Really cool to see people follow & use @AlertEntry

I think its such a niche problem to solve but it's a good example of:

a) building something that scratches your own itch
b) there's a passionate audiences within a lot of small niches

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. @formspree is such an easy way to get a landing page up and be able to collect emails. Don’t need to write any server code or pay to have the website hosted. Just use GitHub pages #SaaS #indiedev #buildinpublic
What’s the obsession with turning tweets into like screenshots with a gradient background? Is it just for looks or is there some content repurposing potential there?
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Was able to connect my downloaded template to a Flask app

What's the typical go-to backend web server for small projects?

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Saw this & figured I bring up a project I worked on a while ago:

Super simple app with no design aspect but does exactly what you're looking for

(might need to wait for the page to load bc its on a free Heroku dyno)

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@brandymedia I’d like to know who I follow that is inactive so I can cull
I implemented a live countdown banner to the @BannerBoost launch date on my profile

Think this is a super basic example of what one can do with a live banner

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My early access page for @BannerBoost is live now

Built it using a template and hosted for free on GitHub pages

Feel free to sign up if you wanna get beta access to BannerBoost. Link below 👇 #buildinpublic #webdevelopment #SaaS