Are there any serverless alternatives better than Cloudflare Workers for #indiehackers?

Looking into using them to proxy calls to the Notion API, nothing crazy, so pricing has been my main interest.

100k requests per day for the free tier sounds pretty sweet 😲

Hey #buildinpublic and #indiehackers community! Iframe noob question here πŸ₯Ί

Would having multiple iframes with the same origin and different routes (client-side routing) fetch the app files only once (bundle, styles, etc)?

Think multiple Notion embeds of the same SPA 😬
For the first time in my life, I am on the creator side of the internet and not just consuming.

Not going many places just yet, but it sure feels damn good πŸ˜†
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And, yep. The widgets will integrate with Notion's light theme also 😁

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Made a bit of progress on the Notion Habit Tracker I am #buildinginpublic.

Added a Notion-like date range picker that will change the interval of the plotted Habit data πŸ‘€.

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Took the time to create a dev tasks board for the #Notion side project I'm working on. Hope I didn't over-engineer it too much πŸ˜†

What do you use for managing your own projects? 🐣

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Still using mock data and the values don't make sense just yet, but thought I would share some of the progress πŸ€“

Thinking this chart could show a weekly/monthly average achieved for a habit's metric.
E.g. πŸ“š Pages Read for a reading habit

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Are the Notion color palettes for both themes already out there for #indiehackers building for Notion?

Right now, I'm just handpicking and dropping them in the tailwind config file, but maybe there's some obvious thing I'm missing here πŸ€’
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Since the weekend is the only time I get two full days to focus on my Notion side project, I was pretty bummed I wasted it on random activities

Today I tried to get down a basic Bar Chart React Component for the Habit Tracker I'm building, just in time before work #buildinpublic
Testing out a Notion consistency graph widget for a Habit Tracker template πŸ‘€

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