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Unlearning Labs newsletter #23 is upcoming πŸ“¨
3 highlights:
- Origin of authority in learning
- Consequences of authority in learning
- 3 takeaways to design a learning experience w/o authority

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3 highlights:
- A personal story about failing systems
- How to build systems
- How to recover if you 'slip'

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My Unlearning Labs newsletter community is growing every day. Such warm and reflective feedback. Thank you to each one of you ✨

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Every week I stumble upon challenges in my product learning journey. And that becomes a topic for my newsletter. I write to resolve my challenges. There is no formula to writing. Focus on solving problems through your work, whatever might that be.
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In this week's newsletter, I dig deeper into building a portfolio and following 5 principles to build a learning 'bank'.

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Side Projects are a fantastic way to practice skills in public. But where do we get started?

Join @JaeInTech and I as we discuss how to get started and the value of side projects.

Set a reminder for 05/20 at 11am PST. See you there!

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The impact of building in public is magical and unexpected. You may not know the potential of it today but one piece of content creates ripples forever. #buildinpublic
Why build in public? To learn, test and fail faster than under any other circumstances. Building and learning in public will test your skill set, consistency, motivation every day. But, the support you get from an audience will keep you going. #buildinpublic
Are you thinking of starting your journey as a writer? Do you have any questions? Let’s get you closer to publishing your first piece. #buildinpublic
Conversations that begin with - β€˜I read your newsletter & loved how you help readers think about learning. Also Unlearning Labs is such a cool name’ 😍πŸ₯° The writing & building in public journey is challenging but rewarding β™₯️ Keep going, this journey is worth it #buildinpublic
Unlearning Labs has become a way of life now. Can't believe it's just been five months since I started writing. It's a wonderful experience building your own thing in public. #buildinpublic
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Writing the first blog was TOUGHER compared to writing consistently for 10 weeks. Start today, not tomorrow. I took more than a year to publish. Don't be me πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

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I love identifying as a creator. Even if I keep building learning solutions full time in the edtech space, I will always be a creator. From Jan 2022 until forever, I am a creator at Unlearning Labs and then more.

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I write about unlearning, innovations in tech and how we can become lifelong learnings in my blog.

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- How we learn & why do we need to unlearn?
- What does the future of education look like?
- How do we become lifelong learners?

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The easy, conversational tone of good writing comes only on the eighth rewrite - @paulg

I don't get to the eight rewrite but each edit makes me better. Today, I write & edit with a 24 hour gap.

What about you? What's your editing process?

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