So I want to take, which was started in 2017 and closed because all clients were shut down in 2020, cut all extra features I had, returned it to the list of core features, and changed the business model to a pure SaaS and market.

In the #buildinpublic community, we chat about new ideas and trends. However, recently, I decided to do something DIFFERENT.

I want to take one of my old projects - @stampngo (digital loyalty stamps) change the business model, simplify, rebuild it, and relaunch.

It's the day! πŸ’Έ

But not only that it's the first payout from the sales of the book, but I also got a loooot of feedback to fix (e.g. 1.0.1 version) and update (for 1.1.0). πŸš€…

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Has anyone implemented regular surveys using Typeform to assess users of your product? πŸ€”

I want to do that for @InsiderBuyStock as the traditional way of surveying by direct email does not work properly.

Hi, #buildinpublic folks and people who do #freelancing πŸ‘‹

What tool do you use to keep track of what you've done during the day and report it to stakeholders/clients? πŸ€”
Updated the "Upcoming Digital Nomads Events 2023" page on my website. Added more amazing events such as "Nomad Capitalist Live" by @nomadcapitalist


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MY BOOK "Digital Nomad Life: Ultimate Guide" IS FINALLY LIVE! πŸš€

I decided to publish it on @gumroad rather than do everything by myself (thanks @NafetsWirth for reminding me that it's not 2010 πŸ˜…)

the book -

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The first sale of "Digital Nomad Life: Ultimate Guide" on @gumroad πŸš€

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This is an amazing example why do YOU NEED TO USE @InsiderBuyStock !!

This is why I build that service.

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πŸ“½οΈHere is an amazing video released by @johnnywharris on "How Congress Gets Rich from Insider Trading"

Any questions why do you need to use InsiderBuyStock?

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Finally made the "Get sample chapter" working.
Nextjs + MongoDB + Mailgun

Where should I keep the "table of contents" in the "Digital Nomad Life: Ultimate Guide" book πŸ“—?

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That Monday feeling when you were working on your MVP all weekend and then found a very similar product that is already live.

Building my MVP for a small project using ChatGPT. What interests besides those do you have when travelling somewhere?
Btw, react re-render does not trigger if you add an element to the array with .push()...but does if you use concat()...πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Funny, but with ChatGPT I have not opened Stackoverflow for quite a while...

Managed to write all API endpoints and data migration from CSV to MongoDB needed for the MVP within 1 hour.

Really, that $20/month that OpenAI is worth it. IMO
I've decided to finish one of the ideas for a service for travelers ✈️ using ChatGPT I started around a month ago. Step 1 - build the MVP and for that, I need a lot of data migrating from a CSV to my MongoDB πŸ«™

Here we go again. Specialty coffee fuel to #buildinpublic
@milappert @food_juggler That's an amazing feeling indeed! #buildinpublic is a great community
Good morning,
I just finished my first draft of "Digital Nomad Life: Ultimate Guide" and wow...58 pages. I thought it was going to be something much shorter.

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My fuel to #buildinpublic
Working on adjustments of @arappica coffee app