@notionlayer dashboard has reached it's final form (for now) #buildinpublic, approached 1 step closer to @ProductHunt launch
#buildinpublic check out @notionlayer homepage, the blog, showcase and templates! lots of work left to refine but the infra is done
#buildinpublic update, trying to add page-specific config to @notionlayer. lost 3 hours debugging on random 404 and 500 responses from vercel. took a walk and solved it in 5 mins. turns out it's a race condition coming from reflect-metadata import order.
#buildinpublic short update from the morning. notionlayer now has some feature flags with confusing descriptions. ship it first, fix content later
#buildinpublic working on @notionlayer. making it possible to add custom styles PER PAGE
#buildinpublic another update: landing page for @postedink is ready (also powered by @notionlayer) and it is the first place i'm using @notionlayer widgets, check the lead collection form!
#landingpage 's now look great with @notionlayer, check out and Both templates will be released for free soon @notionlayer template gallery (coming soon #buildinpublic)
#buildinpublic with a little bit of delay, i've released @notionlayer widgets!
#buildinpublic today, @notionlayer is going to have the first widget, an email collector. time to create the first unique selling point!
#buildinpublic today: finish @notionlayer new landing page, create lead collection widget, use the widget at
#buildinpublic log for today: @notionlayer is getting a brand new landing page ( vs comments welcome
today's #buildinpublic log: looking better, added screenshots, illustrations and a background. left: make it responsive, move it to the domain
@AnthonyCastrio hey, what are you looking for in a job board? i'm super interested because i'm trying to #buildinpublic a notion based job board service. would love to understand more about your needs!
Today's #buildinpublic log:
got successfully lost at searching domain names.
landed at a @notionlayer sub service