I tried cold DMing for the first time yesterday. I emailed around 10 to 15 people and only 2 of them responded. However both of them validated my idea and said they would use the app. It's a big accomplishment for me. especially since I'm not good at marketing :D
When I first joined the #buildinpublic community, I found it to be a welcoming and supportive environment. However, as I saw the success of others, I began to feel inadequate and pushed myself too hard to keep up.

I realize that I was experiencing burnout.

I took a break for a……
A new feature of my first SaaS product, Think With AI - LinkedIn Engagement Tool is that you can now use in chats as well :)

I have created fully automated, ai generated blog website. .

It was for fun but do you think it can be monetized somehow? Shall I continue to develop it?

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Exciting news! My first SaaS product, Think With AI, is now available for users to try out.

As a developer myself, I'm eager to hear your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts here!

Website is:

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I have built a blog website and I'm trying to automate it. Everything seems alright, but I'm thinking about how to find images related to a given topic.

Do you have any recommendations?

Is searching Google and picking the first three photos a good idea or not?…
Anyone who’s working 9-5 and trying to build their personal brand - work on his side projects? How do you manage your time? Focusing things has became harder and harder for me. Any recommendations are welcome 🙏

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I have only 14 followers, and these are my web app's stats. I assume people see my website from my display name, wonder what it's like, and search for it :) I recommend you do the same!
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I enjoy looking at other SaaS landing pages. I almost click on every link I see and criticize them. The best part is trying to learn something from them and developing my UI and UX skills

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I have made it mandatory for people to sign up for my app before they can purchase a plan.
I am not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I think people should be able to purchase a plan without signing up

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#lemonsqueezy is easy but handling with webhooks, and events is a bit hard.

I am saving all events in my database that comes from LemonSqueezy.

And using them to update users' data in my database.

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I am still not sure how to price my app.

There was a free usage limit in the beginning but I removed it.

Because people may use it for free and then they won't buy it.

Instead I put a free-trial period. I hope it will work.

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When my app is ready to go lve, I'll share it on #LinkedIn and #Twitter.

I don't have a strategy except these two. I'll see how it goes

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As you may know #Google has recently announced that they will release a ai assistant #Bard.

I hope it will be as good as ChatGPT. Microsoft's #Bing chat was a disaster.

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My store in #LemonSqueezy has been activated. I'll be testing it in production for a few days :)

Since this is my first time implementing it I am not sure if it will work as expected.

Wish me luck! 🤞

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I'll share a post every two hour and We'll see whether it'll have Effect on my stats or not.

It may result in more followers or less followers.

But I have already 13 followers so I don't think it'll have a bad effect on my stats 😅

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I am planning to give Twitter Blue a shot, but it seems I have to wait for a short period of time before I can do so. :P

I have added my SaaS link to my display name, which is why I am unable to purchase it :D

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I think I’ll be a real indie hacker when I update my profile photo so my headshot will be in a colorful circle ⭕️ 😇.

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New UI for my first SaaS product which generates comments for given LinkedIn post :) Releasing it soon!

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How can we understand if a SaaS product has failed? When can we be sure that it has failed 100% and let it go?

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