I have a little confusion: I bought my domain from Namecheap, deployed my frontend on vercel, I added vercel nameserver's to namecheap dns records.

I use firebase as my db and for google auth.

Is there a way to change this thing?

One of the wrong things that I made while I was developing was thinking that writing AI proposals is enough for the prouduct but now I am adding new features to the app. It won't be only about writing ai proposals anymore.

If someone work on this rn and build an app I am sure it’ll make so much money.

That’s truly incredible

AI-generated QR codes using ControlNet are insane.

This is going to be increasingly common in ads in the near future.

These examples blew my mind (try scanning them):

1. Ancient Village
Proposal Up was an idea to solve freelancers problems. Especially I built it for myself. But again I couldn’t market it. I saw someone did the same app and has +10k user. I guess my idea is validated. I will keep building it. #buildinpublic
I developed this extension to solve my problems actually, maybe it can help you too! #buildinpublic
I was just changing the prompt and was building a project :D well, I know many apps makes tons of money like this but I couldn't succeed it. anyway, i will start building again after I'm done with my finals. #buildinpublic
So, now I've almost lost my belief in indie hacking but I love the community, so I'll be here for a while :)

@ThePeterMick Hi fellow indies. this is Uğur. I joined this community about a month ago and I love being a part of it and meeting great people. Let's connect! :) #buildinpublic
I have great news!

If you're new to the #buildinpublic community like me, I know it can be hard to grow your account.

That's why I did this:
How do you find the perfect problem to solve?

Start by looking at your own experiences

- What problems do you face on a daily basis?
- Is there a solution that you could create?
- Are there any other people who have the same issue?

Who wants to roast my latest app It's an app I have developed for upwork freelancers that generates personalized cover letters in one click. Feel free to critique both the idea and the landing page. I really need feedbacks at this point :)

Late March summary! I'll share my monthly stats regularly from now on.
It's been three weeks since I joined this beautiful community, and I have already met some great people!
I've learned so much and will keep up the momentum :)
I love being a part of the…
@aliszu @MrNick_Buzz It's like making a commitment to yourself and your project. Exciting times ahead! Good luck with your growth plans 👍 #buildinpublic
How do you manage payments and registrations? Is it a good idea to forward a user who wants to buy a plan to the sign-up screen first and then direct them to the checkout page after they have signed up? What is the best practice in this case?

@muhammetcalis01 I didn't know that there were some great people who have the same mindset as me. It's awesome to meet new people in the #buildinpublic community
@nb9t7 @nilansaha That’s why I like being a part of #buildinpublic community. Lot’s of source available for the community 🎉
@tanzirul_huda Hi Tanzirul, thank you! I'll share the project with #buildinpublic cummunity once I validate the idea :)
@carlosmta_ I only post to the #buildinpublic community. No need to search at all :D