I've been hard at work and just launched a group of features on @remoet_dev

- Filter companies by name, or by stars 🀩
- Star a company
- Only show companies you starred

Let me know what you think! Feedback is golden and appreciated.

Anyone know of indie hacker projects that have affiliate programs? πŸ‘€

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Am I happy with my half assed marketing initiative yesterday on @ProductHunt ? Yes I am. Beyond expectations.

It’s wild how easy to implement features gives value to users. Anything that helps with organisation, sorting, or even short notes gives tremendous value with little technical effort.

One step in front of the other, boring tasks accumulating over time, get blazing results over night.we just don’t know how close we are.

Backend runs on port 1337 locally. 🀑

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Every day around now, I drink a mega cup of coffee before putting my son to sleep. This allows me to not fall asleep myself, and work on my side project into the night.

Step 1: tweet on side project account.

Step 2: like tweet from personal account.

Step 3: feel happy that engagement notification lights up.

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I mean.... from 0 to 1 there's infinite % increase right πŸ€“

It’s spectacularly little encouragement someone needs to continue working and move forward.

Who do you think needs a little bit of encouragement today? πŸ‘‡

5k$ MRR is a real business.

What type of customer are you targeting?

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Does anyone want to know how I would set up A/B testing with @Netlify and @mixpanel, What's the best format? written, video, or Twitter thread?

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I have over 6k followers on LinkedIn. They never engage or discuss, provide feedback or do anything at all.

Twitter #buildinpublic crowd is a way better place to be involved.
Standing still is the same as moving backward

It's 09:40 AM, Coffee brewed, time to work it out πŸ€“

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#buildinpublic update:
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Working daily on the new backend for @remoet_dev.
πŸ’Ή Usage of the site has gone up by 500% since I started marketing on Twitter
πŸš€ DAU / MAU is at 90%
🌎 SEO is starting to kick in

Go to πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
I rather try and fail than lay in bed and play Switch all day. … wait… uhh. Yea, shit yeah ok 😩

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It's 09:20 AM, the kid is in school, and coffee is on tap β˜•οΈ Let's effing goooo!

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