You feel satisfied when you decide to do something you don't feel like doing.

You overcame yourself in that dilemma.

Maybe that's what success feels like. But the media can't report it. You don't go on Forbes. It's personal.

Don't discount it though. #buildinpublic #selfgrowth
@naval @thesamparr @david_perell @ashley_wright @thatroblennon @lofigirl @pmarca As you build your product, it pays to learn how to better bring your ideas across to others.

It pays to build TRUST in the community that supports you. Currently known as #buildinpublic

That's selling.

Mistakes will be made. Learn from them.

It takes time. But it's worth it.
Wouldn't it be cool if this is the place college students come to, to learn to build better lives?

You can save the time finding the info. If enough people tell me what they want to know. I'll find out for you.

The challenge for myself is... #buildinpublic
Good morning!

Any college students building something? 😁

Where do you suggest getting inspiration?

#college #collegestudents #buildinpublic
Everyone's building something.

Maybe I should build something too.

Just so I can look back at this summer, as having done something for the future. 😂

I hope my future self will thank me...

#college #collegestudents #buildinpublic