Are you a company that uses @remix_run, @FastAPI, and/or @detahq? Cool! Post your company!

A 3-day build in the books! If usage increases then I'll focus on the UX/UI.

Also, it's open source. 😀


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Building @getSupremeMVP and @taco_rockets in public via Twitter and @anchor has been so interesting and kind of exhausting… and about to add a blog too!

These regular updates are basically (investor updates)^n.

Yo #startup #indie #Developers! Just wanted to spread a little love and let you know that you got this!

Good work so far and keep on keeping on. 🙌

Have an awesome weekend—however that may look for you! ✌️

Authentication Research⭐️
What authentication method do you prefer if you were buying something?
Reply if it's not on the list.

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🤘First Ghost theme will be free to use—I'll privatize the repo and put it for sale once complete.

Indie theme for the #indiedev #bootstrapper #makers and #buildinpublic.

- just the ghost theme starter right now
Here's some basic and quick market research about the #Ghost theme market.
- Theme Data from 9 locations
- TAM from Ghost data
- Big market and growing 📈
- Average price is higher than assumed
- Average Data from ThemeForest
- Possible Revenue 🙌

#GhostTheme #buildinpublic
Lessons: Vertical SaaS is my jam—anyone have an idea with real TAM SAM SOM? Hit me up and send a long a deck!

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🙌 Want a minimum viable product #MVP in 3 to 6 months?

👉 DM or @ me and we can start the conversation.

😀 I'll only take on one project at a time.

Details Below 👇

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A #GreatResignation inspired idea!

Problem: Over 80% if devs report burnout.

Product: A developer focused @Calendly like app that asks anyone to submit a brief, topics, and answer “Can this be an email?”. Dev has right to refuse meeting if criteria isn’t met.

General Question: Would anyone be willing to post their past and current salaries to a profile?

Building community around salary and compensation packages can and will generate discussions around Gender and Race Pay Gap.

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Hey #Compensation experts I have a few questions.
👉 1: Is it illegal to post you salaries from past companies on sites?
👉 2: Is it illegal to ask a user their compensation to post publicly (knowingly)?

#GreatResignation #hr #opensalary #opencompensation #tech #buildinpublic
TAM SAM SOM—beginning discovery!

👉 Tips on the best way to explore the markets efficiently and find best estimates?

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