Just analyzed last week's affiliate email stats using ChatGPT πŸ“ˆ:

Sent: 44 emails
Opened: 70.5%
Clicked: 5.7%
Impressed with these numbers or have tips to boost them even further? Let's chat! #buildinpublic
Please roast my blog post. I just shared my journey about earning $1000+ selling lifetime deals on AppSumo, but it's not getting the reads I hoped for:

How can I make it more appealing? Here is the link if you want to read:… #buildinpublic
Hello indie maker friends! Want to know, what React framework you use for web app build? and why?
ChatGPT now has the 'Continue Generating' function, it's super useful when using #ChatGPT to write code. #buildinpublic
Been receiving quite a few emails from students who love using @focuscommitapp, but find the premium service a bit steep for their budget.
πŸ’‘ Idea: a special discount for students? Love to hear thoughts and suggestions from you all #buildinpublic
Received this feedback today for @focuscommitapp . This is a reminder that frequent updates are key to show that we’re constantly improving #buildinpublic
Every first day of the month is a special day for @focuscommitapp in terms of sales #buildinpublic
I chose to create FocusCommit as a native app instead of a web-based one because I wanted to provide an optimized, seamless user experience, such as the always-on-top timer. I believe a web-based app couldn't offer the same thing. #buildinpublic
😩 Recession's impact on MRR is real #buildinpublic
If you want to build a landing page using a no-code tool like Webflow, you will always be limited by what they can provide. Instead, opt for a self-hosted Wordpress with a page builder for more control. #buildinpublic
Upon reflection, I found that using a "high converting landing page framework" doesn't align with my SaaS landing page. Instead, I've discovered that observing how other indie makers build their landing pages is more beneficial. #buildinpublic
One drawback of entering a niche market is that it can be too small for third-party libraries to support it #buildinpublic