I am going to be doing a BIP (Build in Public) dump today regardless of whether we’re ready or not.

Y’all deserve to see what work has been going on.
still going.... #learninpublic #buildinpublic

"Understanding the risks associated with nature loss requires a number of specific indicators, representing distinct but often interlinked and emergent phenomena." 👇
this one is sitting pretty well with me today:

$BASIN is the regenerative finance platform that scales land restoration, regeneration and conservation for climate, nature and carbon outcomes using real estate fundamentals

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Going to be focusing on rebuilding Foundation's landing page/site today! Know of examples of amazing landing pages/sites? Let me know! Particularly focused on designs that highlight value to the user.
a little #buildinpublic #learninpublic discussion for @regen_network

can move to discord or commonwealth after but want to start here:

Four questions related to $REGEN #Ecocredit Module

(if in docs, I may have missed)

@erde_kette @regen_network @s4mmyb54 @rebeccamharman @SevNightingale case studies - walk real projects through onboarding and all ecocredit steps

document whole process and share!

#learninpublic #buildinpublic
@EBourgeois @sellieyoung @JimmyRis @gregory_landua @themitak I have been on fence for a while on #buildinpublic #learninpublic and have concluded that the only way we are going to get out of this mess is if we do most if not everything in public.

Maybe hold back 10% of most critical info to keep food on the table and business solvent
Just had our 1st call for Overalls MasterMind, a networked-incubator for community agriculturalists: farmers, foodscapers, composters.

Thanks to many who have helped me explore this idea.

A few wins and headaches...
much thanks to @moss_earth @luis_adaime @MCO2token for putting this together - excited to review at length

#buildinpublic #learninpublic
We have received the following questioning from @tmoindustries and are now answering below. Many thanks @tmoindustries , we have received many similar questions and hope that the information below is useful.…

@moss_earth @MCO2token (follows -->)…
in the spirit of #buildinpublic #learninpublic #showyourwork

current discussions are around a “platform co-op managed digital trust”

staking rewards fund projects and funds are allocated with quadratic funding

Individuals are “members” and organizations are “partners”