Got through the database and rpc changes for basejump and a good chunk of the edge functions. Hopefully can get it wrapped up next weekend. Back to the real world! #buildinpublic
@joe_ashwell It’s like indie hacking. Every failed hole gets you closer to success. Just keep hammering away at it. #buildinpublic
Spoiler alert - Supabase weekend project rhymes with "Automatically fending fleamail" #buildinpublic
In case you DIDN'T want to spend your Saturday figuring out how to create your own @supabase webhook triggers for local env, here's the TLDR: localhost can't get out of Docker network so you have to use the internal routing. Get it with `docker container list`, look for Kong
Have something cool to share tomorrow now that I've figured that out - few more bits to round out. Give a follow, I bang my head against silly things so you don't have to #buildinpublic
More of this, please @kiwicopple. We've got a good thing going here, you and me #buildinpublic…
Want to learn about testing for @supabase / @PostgreSQL ?

This guide is amazing:…

✍️ @tiniscule
Hacking on a new create-app for @supabase, starting with support for Can pass in templates to kick start your app. Thinking about migration templates like RLS and permission setup on new tables 🤔 Follow along #buildinpublic
Google let's you add metadata to your site to show things like FAQ's or reviews next to your domain on search. It's a win if you can get it b/c you get more screen real estate. Here's a quick guide on how I generated some for using ChatGPT

Got a solid bump in traffic this week for Basejump, noticed that it's now position 2 & 4 in google for "@supabase SaaS starter". Updating the title tag to include "Open source" since it's the only one 🚀#buildinpublic