Finding a domain has proven difficult. I may have to pivot my branding a bit due to the competitive market, and 1 domain having a very similar name.Any advice to a first-time founder would be greatly appreciated!

I almost have my landing page ready for a first roast/iteration. Unsure if I should share it here as an image, or try to publish the app online?

Mainly worried about the potential drawbacks involved with sharing just an image but no link.

Good morning hackers! It’s 5am for me and no, I’m not grinding, but on my way to the airport πŸ˜…

What are you all doing today? I’m going to create a form to collect emails on my landing page while the product gets built, and polish the landing more. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
What type of validation do you look for with landing pages? #buildinpublic

I'm currently building a product, have spoken to a few potential clients for pains, testing basic UX with some.

But I don't know much about marketing. Should I release a landing and collect emails?
Been testing out @Cloudflare solutions as my go-to hosting + file storage service, and so far I’m very pleased with it. Simple enough that it lets me focus on everything else.

Generous free tier for playing around as well! Can even use R2 with AWS S3 tooling. #buildinpublic
It’s Sunday for me. What are you all doing today? #buildinpublic

I will spend the day exploring the other areas of Porto, and maybe draw some inspiration for what next to add to my product!

More importantly, need to rest and get ready for work tomorrow 🦾
I've been observing the #buildinpublic + #indiedeveloper spaces for a while.

But I never participated. Well, that changes now. It's time to start making! 🌱

Very excited to be joining you all with my $0 MRR startups, one of them in the makingπŸ’‘

LFG πŸš€
After going out, I spent a few hours of the evening hacking away. My engineering self loves to dabble with issues. Today I was working on being able to delete documents, which turned out to be super easy.

Now, UX is a whole different beast. But I think it's OK!

Seeing the latest takes on indie B2C make me nervous, as the first product I’m building is B2C 😬

No worries, I’ll keep working on it! If it fails, it’ll be a new learning opportunity, and off to the next one 😎

What simple analytics tool do indie developers suggest using?

I’m interested in tracking website visitors (landing page) and adding events on CTAs (landing + app).

All the #buildinpublic people are inspiring me to so the same thing πŸ‘€