Had to give it a try. For an over-thinker like me @yepdotso is a godsend. Super slick UX! This is what I came up with #buildinpublic #NoCode
To build your #nocode 💪🏼You need a workout plan. -A few compound exercises (features you want to build that have compounding benefits). -Several sets (pieces you need to build to do the compound exercise) -Many reps (sessions at the console working on your form) #buildinpublic
It’s coming together, I’d say I’m about 40% with the MVP. I’m building a platform to help leaders develop high performing distributed teams. To do this, it will be necessary to invest in the whole person, not just the human as a resource to the bottom line. #buildinpublic
With more companies moving to remote work, having a singular platform that invests in the whole person not just them as a human resource will be vital. Talent goes where it is valued wholly. #buildinpublic
With so many companies going at least partially remote… keeping employees engaged and connected is even more important. #WFH is here to stay, engagement and inclusion needs to keep pace. Gonna preview soon a tool to help with this. #buildinpublic
So I don’t tweet much about #buildinpublic well I don’t tweet much about anything but I just had a noteworthy breakthrough.

I turned my multi page @bubble CRM app into a blazingly fast one pager 👍