Went through some old tweets today :D

Saw many great ideas and lessons I came across but mostly forgot.

It's a good reminder that building this⚒️Creator's Manual will be worthwhile!

#notiontwt #buildinpublic
Went through the tweets on my profile for the past few months to add more data into 🛠️Creator's Manual.

Found some old gems👇#tweet100 #buildinpublic
Went through the tweets on my profile for the past few months to add more data into 🛠️Creator's Manual.

Found some old gems👇#tweet100 #buildinpublic
Alrighty, I made a mistake⬆️

There’s one thing to look out for when you #buildinpublic — share what’s done, not what’s next.

Saying what I’d do “tmr” led to a wasted Tuesday, so I couldn’t finish early before I had to work on a few uni assignments (last). Moving slowly now.
Here's the latest build!

Gonna refine the Notion part tmr & add more lessons about tweeting & writing😆

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
How I'm getting the materials for Creator's Manual:

⬅️ Going through my old tweets!
🥳 Asking other creators for contributions :D

Since it's a living page, I'll launch when the resources reach a certain amount! Otherwise, there's no end🤣

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
Inspired by @TheVeller, I'm building a living resource page on @NotionHQ, Creator's Manual⚒️!!

#notiontwt #buildinpublic
Spent the day upgrading the sleep tracker!

When simplifying a formula, I noticed how I'd duplicate the old one (just in case), fix it, and then do this👇to check if the new one gives the same result.

Feels extra but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
Upgrading my first Notion template (Sleep Tracker) launched in January! Having stats is awesome🥳

#buildinpublic #tweet100
Another waste-man week. My schedule kinda shifted to sleeping in the afternoon and waking up at night.

Tried going to bed before 11pm and waking up before 6am for May 15. Somehow, going cold turkey feels more promising than shifting my schedule slowly.

Went back to a random schedule after getting the coursework done. Hardly made any improvement so it was the same result ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll try to update weekly from here onward.

Q: Why were these 6 days better?
A: The pain of missing a coursework deadline > The pain of working on it w/o wasting time.

In this period, I hardly relied on any detox rules. The deadline alone was all I need. Not useful in the long run though.

Had a 7-day dopamine detox recently! Here's a thread for what I did and learned👇#tweet100 #buildinpublic

The rules:
Surprisingly, the 7-day detox went well!
📕I
📱My screen time averaged ~1.5 hrs/day (from ~4.5).

😴Still the same random sleep schedule.
📚Reading became my new addiction /_\
⏰After the detox, I fell into a 4-day wasteman cycle.

When I scheduled this tweet, it was past midnight, and I had a choice to spend ~30 mins to update this long-overdue #buildinpublic thread right away.

Nah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Better to work on something during the day than to do it tiredly late at night.
Did I spend almost 9 hours reading? Yes.
Did I sacrifice my sleep on Day 3 to read? Yes.

Even a good habit can turn bad when done beyond moderation /_ \

Will stop reading in bed from now on to feel tired easily🥱

📱To use my phone at night:
-find the key
-unlock the drawer
-power on
-go to settings
-turn off screen restrictions
-click the browser
-search YouTube
-find videos to watch

📕To read:
-grab Kindle

That's how helpful creating frictions is.

📺No craving for anime, manga, YT, IG.
📰Subconsciously look for news when free.
📕Kindle time (5h 30m) > Screen time (1h 55m)
🚶Had fun catching up with a friend on the phone during a walk.
🛌Never take a nap w/o an alarm... I had a long "nap" (9am - 4.30pm)

Dopamine detox started with a bang💥

Having a book you're excited about is really powerful. With my phone locked away, I went to bed as early as possible just to start reading📕.

Though I was a little hooked last night...

Sleep D25-27 #buildinpublic

Gonna be honest.

It's been an uphill ride rebuilding my sleep since Mar 16.

Skipping sleep at night to stare at screens has guaranteed me short-term pleasures and long-term struggles, but I still find it hard to quit.

Sleep D23-24 #buildinpublic

Learned that turning off my phone isn't enough, as I'm still likely to use my laptop/tablet in bed and skip sleep🤦

Skipped sleep on D24 to recover quickly. Will start taking a photo of my sleep-deprived face daily and rebuild my bedtime routine.