"The rate of shipping new features is a predictor of startup success." - @paulg

We firmly believe in the power of speed 🚀

We make a goal to ship something new every week so that we can continue to iterate and improve our product.

#buildinpublic is great, but you have train yourself to ignore most of the feedback

It's mostly from people who spent a huge 2 mins thinking about your business while scrolling + think they know the solution

You probably know your own product + mission better than anyone else!
I want to meet more bootstrappers!

1. What you're building, and for who
2. Where are you in your journey (pre-launch, $10 MRR, $100k MRR, 100 users, etc)

Proof matters. Show your worth through actions, not just words.

That's why #buildInpublic changes the game.
Beyond the #buildinpublic buzz, let's get real.

Transparency means tackling the tough parts of entrepreneurship and startups. It's not just about the MRR curve.

Share your challenges. Let's support each other and grow! 💪
I designed a preview image for social media.

What do you think?

Added tweet templates to help creators quickly share their work.

Just use the templates and add your data.

What other templates would be helpful?

Just integrated Profitwell with Stripe, so I can see those beautiful charts and share them with the public.

Currently at $18 MRR 🚀

I want to meet more indie hackers!

1. What you're building?
2. Where are you in your journey (pre-launch, $10 MRR, $100k MRR, etc.)

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
🆕 Announcement ✨

Alright let's fucking do this.

I am building a referral tool for newsletters.

Built v1 of the landing page.

Lot of work still needs to be done but I couldn't hold myself to share.

Signup for early access:

Spent some time today designing a logo for my next SaaS product and here are 4 variations where I am confused.

Which one looks best to you?

Wondering about the domain name for my new SaaS.

What could be the best TLD and why?

I'm going to start building a new micro SaaS in public starting tomorrow!

I'll be sharing the whole process here!

I am looking to follow founders that are building in public.

Who should I follow?👇