Less than too months later I have onboarded 2 new developers, both work with clients now.

While it’s not ideal for inspic, it’s great for my agency, and indirectly for inspic - I can reinvest some of the gains back in my indie projects.

Super exciting times !

Onboarded a new developer today to my small software engineering agency.

A past client wants to continue working together from a few weeks from now.

Will have him help me push INSPIC until then, maybe even we'd get to the MVP finish line :)

Updates soon...

Today I continued work on my freelancing agency's website.

Now the testimonials section is ready :)

Today I worked heavily on my freelance agency's website.

And this time the projects section - which is featuring my favorite project: Photoland.

Here's a glimpse of it :)

INSPIC's built-in UI for sign up / login is now ready :)

Most likely I'd force users to login after they finish designing an image.

When would you force your users to login ?

After many days of being too overloaded with work I finally found some time to work on my new portfolio site, which is almost ready…

Link coming soon :)

Today my new dev finished adding cognito authentication to INSPIC, currently using the built in cognito hosted UI.

As for me, I'm currently overloaded with freelance work, so I can barely get to inspic myself... but I hope to get back to it soon :)

Today I have onboarded my agency's new developer and briefed him on the Inspic project.

First task: adding authentication.

Curious to see how he handles it :)

Contract is ready.

Tomorrow I’ll be signing with the 4th developer of my agency (excluding myself).

The new agency website is almost ready as well.

Exciting times for my business ☺️

Updates soon…

Since now all my developers are occupied (again), today I’ve been interviewing other developers for my agency.

I have 2 clients showing a potential interest in hiring another developer soon. Hopefully I’d find someone good quickly and it’d be a match :)

After over 3 weeks of back and forth failed ID uploads & trying to get approved into Paddle for Inspic subscriptions, I got rejected since the URL is not live.

While I will re-apply when it's ready, know that applying won't help until you have something live.

Today I created the INSPIC pricing page. Not sure about the price, and got some UI fixes to do (a lot of extra margins etc), but starting to get to the point where I see the launch coming :)

Today I added watermark support for INSPIC editor so that users would be more incentivized to upgrade and remove it :)

Recently I've been working on a new portfolio site for my software development agency.

Will be launching it very soon, but here's a sneak peek :)

Inspic & Unsplash integration is now complete.

Now a user can create picture quotes using Unsplash's image search engine.

Had to deal with some annoying tainted canvas issues but now everything works as expected.

Today I investigated ways of charging & managing subscriptions for INSPIC(this is the first SaaS I ever created).

Seems like Paddle is the best option I can use.

Can't wait to integrate that already :)

Today I have designed my first ever pricing page for the upcoming INSPIC launch.

Not a designer but I think it's good enough for the MVP.

Subject to change(extra space left for more texts), but would love to know your thoughts :)

Today I added SEO&social settings to INSPIC. Canonicals, social images, titles, descriptions etc.

For the long run, those are really important since I intend to invest quite a bit on SEO for user acquisition.

INSPIC's react photo editor component now supports infinite scrolling for selecting images.

Up next: connect it to an actual image API.

Today I added search phrase in URL for INSPIC. meaning you can hit search from the home page and reach the photo search page for the relevant query.

Still have way to go until launch but it gets closer every day.

Today, the INSPIC react photo editor component has been refactored so that it better fits the next steps: connecting it to an actual image API, which is what we would be doing next.

Updates coming soon :)