The three hours of work this morning (it’s only 10:20am) rescued my week. Published an in-depth guide and wrote and scheduled this weeks curation email. Anyone else feel they’re more productive towards end of the week? #buildinpublic
Hands up if you’re working on your business this weekend 🖐️ We have 48 hours / 2880 minutes. I’m planning to make it count. Sleep for 12-14 hours, rest of the time go for walks, and work on my product. #buildinpublic
Interesting working location today. A question for any entrepreneurs seeing this tweet. Do you track time worked on your business? I’m going to do it purely to make sure I’m focusing on the right tasks that help me achieve the current goal. Interested in thoughts. #buildinpublic
My goal, which is a long way from being achieved is to create one new product a month, but to do that I need to hire freelancers. I can’t possibly do it while also being consistent with creating content to continuously build my audience. Small steps… #buildinpublic
A lesson here: Contacted company A. Included phone number but asked to answer questions by email. For 5 days they telephoned me when I was unavailable. Never emailed me once. Did the same with company B. They emailed me the next day. Guess which got my business. #buildinpublic
Interested to read people's thoughts on re-sending a weekly email to those who haven't opened it? Do you do this only important emails or regularly? #buildinpublic
Hit 400 subscribers to my LinkedIn newsletter in 5 weeks. Pretty good start. No call to action on the content, just focusing on building trust right now. #buildinpublic
Loving this use case of Airtable for a membership manager by @leifjerami… You should sign up to his email too. #buildinpublic
Does anyone else feel that Sunday is always their most productive day? Not even 10am and I’ve sent out my weekly email for remote job seekers and on to publishing my LinkedIn newsletter. #buildinpublic
12 days until 🚀 Product design is 60% complete. Will have it completed next week. Worked hard the last 48 hours but it’s a struggle to keep focused.

If I didn’t have to do contracting work I could see a need for working on an island with no Internet to create. #buildinpublic
A task I thought about over coffee. It’s time to think about what impact AI will have on my products, services and business. Also, how can I differentiate myself from AI. Anyone else thinking about this? #buildinpublic
6AM on Monday morning and I’m back in work mode. Had a brilliant 2-week break in Langkawi and Penang. Feeling refreshed. I highly recommend taking time off from work and disconnecting especially if you work from home. #buildinpublic
Do you think content creators and software/SAAS businesses are becoming too reliant on third party platforms to build/host their business? I love no-code but it does concern me how much we rely on these platforms to stick around. #buildinpublic
Thank you! I come from a QA / sprint background so want to bring some of that experience into building digital products. Retros are important to learn and grow. #buildinpublic…
I'm not building in public on Twitter to attract an audience. I have already built my target audience elsewhere. I’m documenting my experiences to learn for the future. Using my tweets as retro notes for future launches. #buildinpublic
Lessons I am learning from creating my first digital product:

→ Hire someone to do the tasks that create perfectionism.

→ Focus on your strengths, which in my case is creating the content.

→ As my friend @leifjerami reminds me, ship and improve.

Only another 32 pages to create. 3 weeks to launch. Creating the design and interactive checklist in @canva then exporting to PDF and looking at other formats including an app. #buildinpublic
My biggest lesson so far is not to cram a content-based product with too much information. Focus on one issue (rather than 2) my audience needs help with. #buildinpublic
Started to get bored of exploring and relaxing on week 2 of my vacation. Working on my digital product this morning in a coffee shop. #buildinpublic
I learned a valuable lesson about building a coaching business this week. Do not say 'yes' to everyone. I love to help people, but there are only so many hours in a day to work. This has resulted in me not working any hours on my digital product this week. #buildinpublic