#6: If the business is a side business for all of its owners, nobody has enough skin in the game and nobody focuses on it enough.

#7: Spread your risk and not put all money in one venture.
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How to grow your newsletter on substack? Any clues 🤔 #buildinpublic
Which route will you prefer to FIRE, mgmt consulting v\s founder?

With consulting
☑️Relatively safer path, but you only make money if you reach partner level.
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Do you use if statement in your code? If yes it means you are not sure what your code should do 😂
Tinysitetools does more that just reviews. Embed FOMO urgency tap on your website! Get more conversions.
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You don't have to always succeed at something to share the lessons with others #buildinpublic
tinysitetools does AI powered reviews, news letter subscription, FOMO pops and social proof all in one. Start FREE.
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AI powered reviews widget. Customize it, embed it and let AI help generate glowing testimonials from your visitors.
DM me to get a free beta account for 1 domain.
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You can have anything you want but not everything you want #buildinpublic
6 months back I had ZERO clue about building micro saas. Here are 10 lessons from solo launching TinySiteTools and BetterBookmarks micro-saas.
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Did anyone try launching software on @AppSumo and got stuck at the last step of generating coupons and setting up a redeem page for them? 🤔 #buildinpublic
My post on Reddit caught some attention and some traffic to Betterbookmarks.
Published my first tech ebook on Gumroad. Self designed and edited.
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I have 10 downloads of BetterBookmarks extension but 0 sign-ups. 🤔 Not sure if the signup screen is a barrier. Should I remove the login/signup screen and allow users to try as a guest?
Crossed 100 page views today for my chrome plugin BetterBoomarks! #buildinpublic
Do you keep too many tabs open on your browser? #buildinpublic
@adamlyttleapps Thanks Adam. I do intend to share and learn. That's the whole fun of #buildinpublic
Building BetterBookmarks has been fun. Posted on reddit r/ProductivityApps and it is making the rounds. I will share if I get any conversions!
You too can try the chrome plugin here -…