I wanted to hit 100 by the end of the week and I'm getting close!

Thanks to everyone who's along for the rise as I build my online business.

Can I get there in the next 13 hours? đź‘€

Just landed my first playing client! 🎉

This has now changed from a hopeful endeavour to a business that brings in revenue.

Can't wait to continue building this thing!


I enjoy seeing behind the scenes of others' work, so I thought I'll do the same as I build my newest Notion template.

This is the process I'm currently working through as I try to add levels to one of my formulas in Notion.
Currently building a resource repository for people who consume a lot of information from different sources and want to keep it in one location.

My current sticking point is trying to make it sophisticated with Notion formulas.

Studying this for the second time as I begin to build my business. If you're building a business of any type, this is mandatory reading.

Yesterday I launched my FIRST Notion Template with less than 60 followers.

I managed:
- 10 sales
- 33.3-100% conversion rate

It's small, but it's a foundation that I can build on.

Share your wins so we can celebrate together!
#buildinpublic #Notion
Today I released my first template!

It's for creators & educators who want to host their online courses in Notion

You can get it for free here:…

If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it!

#Notion #buildinpublic #onlinecourse #Creator #creatoreconomy
My #Notion strategy is to:

1. Keep building my personal system in Notion
2. Share the process (+ tutorials)
3. Release unique templates for free based on what I build

Keeping it simple. #buildinpublic
âś… This morning I completed a major project within my second brain system.

I'm building a repository for resources that aren't related to a project but that I want easily accessible.

I am now more familiar with gallery views in @NotionHQ.

Will share soon!