@rbfasho @threehourcoffee @FounderUni I would say the top lesson for me was a bit more general: be authentic. That trickles down to the specific tactics used: 1. do not use #buildinpublic 2. do not take more than 2 min on a post. 3. post as regularly as you can authentically do consistently but at least daily.
Today, I planned the restructuring of @DatalusCorp. My failures have led to some hard choices. #buildinpublic
Guess what y'all?
It's another build day, writing pipeline code, #adtech won't give up its stranglehold on our data without a fight and @DatalusCorp cannot launch without our product. #buildinpublic #datamarketplace #dataprivacy #monetizeyourdata
'Should I even be a (solo) founder?! What the h* am I doing?' - Today's thoughts, though hard to admit. #buildinpublic
Dealing with technical and financial roadblocks left and right today, hard first day back. #buildinpublic
Back in #birminghamal and back in business working on @DatalusCorp. It's been real fun to take a real break, have an adventure with the fam, and now it's back to the build. #buildinpublic
The power went out and I completely forgot about @FounderUni midweek check-in! πŸ˜±πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ#buildinpublic
Late and a crappy start to today. Still working on new designs. Looks like people like over for @dataluscorp so we'll stay with it. That is all. #buildinpublic
A morning of unrelated tasks, finally making progress on implementing new website design and domain change for @DatalusCorp. The awesome design by @minsun_design. #buildinpublic #design #website