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- Web3 and 1999
- Micro frontends
- Federated modules
- Procrastinating from procrastinator PoV
- (#BuildInPublic)
- Typescript the tool that become a language

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Well, today has been productive...

Just a test for fonts, colours and layout...

A lot to improve

Hello #buildinpublic tweeter

Just remember to take a day off for the sanity of your mental health

That day could be today

Really, I need some websites inspiration about digital/design/development agencies
👇 put your fab

#buildinpublic #inspiration #help
Today I’ve finally completed the copy for #demel website 🎉
Now it’s time to focus on design 😎

#TweetGoals is a way to commit your short term goals, so people who is in the same path can support you, similar to #buildInPublic but with less bragging connotations
Well, I didn’t tweet about my #startup today but I couldn’t do anything related today. But this does not mean that I’m not working on it, just I focused on my client today.

If you didn’t do anything related today, don’t worry, we need mental health first

#buildInPublic commit through twitter your goals and your approach to them

Im building my own web and digital agency to help business to scale and having a digital home that everyone would like pleased to enjoy

#goals #twitterGoals