Update on my #buildinpublic journey:

The prototype is done. I was working late yesterday to get to a point where I am halfway satisfied with the result.

Todays goal: share with you guys
(a little scared though 😨)
Daily #buildinpublic update

So, the prototype is almost done. BUT: today I need to run errands and get some other stuff done.

What's the MRR you need before you can hire a personal assistant? 🤣
daily #buildinpublic update:

I implemented the very first feature as well as login. Looks extremely yucky but I still call that a great success.

A few more days and a product hunt launch is about to happen 😅
Yesterday's goal: build 1st feature 💪
Yesterday's accomplishment: setup the project 😅

Sometimes, life gets in the way.

Today's goal: build 1st feature (again)

#buildinpublic goal for today:

Copy/Paste as much code as possible from older projects to get the MVP out asap.

What are your goals for today?
Daily #buildinpublic update: Decided on an idea!

How do you decide which idea is worth working on?

I am using the weighted average decision matrix from "the millionaire fastlane" (fantastic book btw).
The success of @pbteja1998 inspired me to build again. This time though, I am joining the #buildinpublic army.

Step 1: decide which of the 100 ideas is worth working on 😅
To all #buildinpublic people: Have a nice and productive start into the week!