4. Build in public

The last tip helps here too! Building in public means consistently sharing behind-the-scenes of your project’s development.

This helps create trust.

Plus you will meet amazing people in the #buildinpublic community
Ok #indiebuilder #nocode #buildinpublic community - what’s your go-to email tool for creating multiple automated email campaigns??
No one is going to steal your startup idea - anyone who is capable of executing it is too busy doing their own cool thing. So… #buildinpublic!
For my #buildinpublic challenge I finished my first two tasks.

1. I made a spreadsheet of available public grants that we’d qualify for
2. I’ve made a short list of provincial and municipal stakeholders that would genuinely benefit from this idea.
I want to see an upskilling accelerator get launched in my town. No one is doing it. So I’m going to #buildinpublic and share my progress with you. 🤞🏻

🎯 First few steps:

1. Find a handful of available government grants
2. Make a stakeholder analysis and find key players
I’ve been really inspired by so many authentic and successful #nocode projects. I had no idea how big of a community there was until last week. Some day soon I’ll #buildinpublic 👀
#buildinpublic this was great to read through. Authentic, honest, lighthearted, and finished with a real product. Beast
For the next 12 hours, I'm building BubbleQuad: A discovery platform for @bubble tools, content, communities, events, and builders.

Will share my progress in this thread.

Let's goooo!