Question of the day...

if chatgpt gives you code snippets...

will it count as no-code?

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Day 27 Update (Crash Course)

Latest component of online training website

βœ… Teaching AI Avatar teaching

Will AI avatar transform education?

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Do you want to build your online business in hours using free SaaS, AI, and automation tools?

I developed a Notion template documenting each step so you can do the same!

If you want your free copy today,

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πŸš€ I am building a notion template providing step by step guide for building an online business using free SaaS, AI, and automation tools.

I will sell the template for $99.

For next 48 hours, it is free.

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Day 1 (3/3)

Scope: An online course inspired from @liana_majed and her beautiful posts on meditative drawing.

Users could review courses, and purchase.

Courses will be instructed by an AI avatar including audio. Course content will be created by AI too.

πŸš€ I will build an online business using free SaaS, AI, and automation tools in 30 days!

I will use alternative tools, gather and share learnings daily and publish a free e-book by month end.

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I just wanted to give a shoutout to the awesome person on Twitter who let me know that the email form on my website was broken. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

I love the power of building in public, and this is a perfect example of why.

Walt (@walt_low ) kindly offer to review my launch website.

He provided great valueable feedback. Thank you Walt πŸ™

This is the power of #buildinpublic
Have you seen our new website design yet?

I am dropping a small video showcasing the new design.

Please share the first thing that comes to mind when watching the video. Is there anything you love or hate about the design? I am all ears!

Ironman requires rely on coaches, partners, and support teams.

Similarly, startups can benefit from a strong network of advisors, mentors, and like-minded peers.

That is the power of #buildinpublic
Build your +$10,000/month business in 2023

Proven tactics and 10 easy steps to start your business.

BONUS sections:
- 10 Habits of Successful People
- 7 Growth Strategies for effective Twitter Presence

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Just updated the Ready app website before the launch.

I tried to make it more engaging and informative.

I will appriciate, if you could review and share your thoughts below.


Hey Everyone,

I need help.

I want to get "client id and client secret of instagram" to integrate with bubble.

Could anyone point me to a resource?

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@AngryTomtweets Hey πŸ‘‹

Ben here.

#buildinpublic a personal growth and habit development app.

Join the waitlist from
Day 83 of #buildinpublic

βœ… Almost done with design.
❌ Struggling with one page.

I want an ability to share success in social media with friends.

Sharing my design below. I am sure you have seen better examples.

πŸ™ Please drop a note with your ideas.
Day 75 of #buildinpublic

Working on the campaign page of mastering mind and health app.

Need your help.

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Let me start. I’m Ben.

#buildinpublic a personal growth and habit building app.
Day 68 of #buildinpublic

Working on the campaign page of the mobile app.

Need your help.

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This is the power of #buildinpublic. Thank you @barret_jessy for spending your time, guiding, educating and helping me. That looks awesome 😎
@tezcan_ben What do you think about something like this?
Day 62 of #buildinpublic

Working on the subscription page.

Need your jrlp.

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