@JoffCom @esturniolo @itstimconnors @airtable @n8n_io @baserow @Docker @airtable is super popular and a staple among the @n8n_io community. I just like the ability to host something myself and not worry about restrictions on cloud solutions.

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@JoffCom @esturniolo @itstimconnors @airtable @n8n_io @baserow @Docker I've actually started using it as the backbone for all of my workflow configurations, logging, and lookup tables.

It can all be done with a single node.

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@esturniolo @itstimconnors @airtable @n8n_io I'm a huge fan of @baserow. It is a part of my nocode stack! It's a bit of a pain to get installed natively but you can avoid that by using the @Docker container.

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Just pre-ordered mine and I really hope it comes soon!

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We've worked with @LEGO_Education to design the new Raspberry Pi Build HAT.

Priced at $25, the #BuildHAT brings Raspberry Pi computing to the LEGO elements we love: control LEGO Technic motors and sensors from your Raspberry Pi.…
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Just mailed out 200+ socks and have 200 pairs left. Rumor has it they increase your startup’s odds of getting @microacquire’d. Retweet if you want a free pair.
@Natalie_Furn @m4rcdel @n8n_io We're working hard to change that!

The "rarely gets mentioned" part, I mean.

We like the lots of power!

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They've just combined two of my favourite things!
@LEGO_Group + @Raspberry_Pi = 😊 @tephlondude

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Amazing news! Raspberry Pi & @Lego_Education have come together to bring you the Raspberry Pi Build HAT. Your learners can now easily integrate LEGO Technic motors & sensors with Raspberry Pi computers! 🙌

Learn more:… #BuildHAT #STEMEd #MakerEd
@nsteinmetz @n8n_io @warp10io Thanks for mentioning @warp10io. This is a perfect partner for @n8n_io and I can see building this into the #JNoT system!

Added Warp10 to my source available self-hosted tools list:…

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You know you are on to something then a company uses their own technology to help their company improve their technology!

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I'm in 😍 with this /deploy command my colleague Mutasem created. It deploys any branch in repo to a specific heroku instance. It's powered by an @n8n_io workflow and makes testing + design reviews so much faster :) We're using @Mattermost but can do same for @SlackHQ
Check out the IoT Virtual Workshop & Hackathon with @balena_io:…

Looks like a good opportunity to put your @Raspberry_Pi to good use!

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Digging deep into a niche often just leaves you at the bottom of a pit looking at the speck of light above.

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The devil's in the details and I've yet to see the devil!

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but laziness is the father!

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Had a fabulous conversation with @opsmateco founder @adrianalbus yesterday. We could have talked for hours but at least a couple of good one-liners came out of our meeting!
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@gwthompson @krisdhar @shulhi @n8n_io @Raspberry_Pi Fantastic idea! If you need any help, don't hesitate to reach out!

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@n8n_io @BHesseldieck and I are coming up with something really cool! More later!

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@shulhi @krisdhar @n8n_io If you want to get an idea of what people are doing with @n8n_io, take a look at some of the fantastic video they have on their YouTube channel:

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@n8n_io Build Tip:

When building a workflow that will be called by other workflows, build a SUCCESS key into the response. Set the key to TRUE if it worked & FALSE if it didn't.

When your other workflow receives the response, it now knows what to do.

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