I just launched my first validation landing page 🎉
If you are into NFTs, sustainability or roasting me, give it a spin!

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If you have a lot of ideas that don't go anywhere, try this:
- write your ideas down in a common place
- revisit your ideas once a week
- add on to your existing ideas
- and share, share, share
having an idea alone is not enough, iterate them!
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What are you launching this weekend, folks?
Which tools lower your barrier to take action on your side projects?
For me, @NotionHQ and @carrd are definitively ranking high

You can share your ideas with
1. friends
2. family
3. colleagues
4. twitter
And you will get feedback from a variety of people with different backgrounds without even launching a validation scheme.

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My goals for August:
✅ re-build my landing page
✅ validate 2 business ideas
✅ post an idea thread each week
✅ publish my idea mgmt system on gumroad
✅ kill it at my day job 💪🏽

What are you up to?
Let's make some progress
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Slow growth is growth non the less!
Don't let attention highs and lows distract you from consistency.
Share your journey and enjoy the ride ✌🏼

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Are you building or relaxing this Sunday, fellow indies?
I will start putting out weekly 'idea threads' on Monday.
By sharing all the ideas floating around in my head openly,
I want to learn, spark discussions and generate new ideas for everyone to make their own.
Join me on this ride!
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Putting your ideas out in there is so valuable!
You come across objections that you could never think of, yourself.
This will challenge you to re-think and adapt and will ultimately take your idea to the next level!
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5 tips that helped me keeping laser focus on my #dayjob while being creative for my side projects
- a central and quick access note taking system
- writing down ideas in a precise template
- planning my weeks
- a daily dashboard
- meditation
How do you balance?
Since I launched my free weekly planning template for @NotionHQ on @gumroad on Sunday, I got 1 customer per day on average.

I know that is not a lot, but it makes me happy that it already spreads around the world :)

If you want to get a deeper piece on this topic, visit my blog at
How do you handle your ideas? What is your secret sauce for bringing them to life?
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Got my first customer on @Gumroad in less than an hour!
No revenue - It's about helping people ✌🏼
Successful Sunday 🙌🏼
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Just published my first @NotionHQ template on @Gumroad 😊
Get my weekly planner for free!
You will get
- effective and resilient planning
- objective tracking
- included retro
- your full weekly planning in less than 15 minutes!
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Using my Sunday to learn how to create proper @NotionHQ templates.
Got some ideas coming for you!
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Starting something comes with a high initial barrier.

Tweeting consistently - getting no to little engagement at first, hitting your first uninspired day(s)

Swimming properly - messing up the technique, messing up the breathing

Stick though it, it’s worth it!
I can finally say that my blog articles are also available on my on website, not just on @Medium.
Small step, but feels great 🚀

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One of the many lessons I learned from my short time on twitter is that it goes a long way if you value genuine interest over superficial engagement.
Ask questions, offer help, make some friends.

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I often made the mistake of going with common advice and after what is technically challenging.
Going with what you actually enjoy is the much better route for me.
I recently experienced this in guitar playing, where I make so much more progress now 🙌🏼
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