After 12 survey responses and 8 phone interviews with our users, there were clear patterns that emerged.

It's so crazy satisfying to have clear complaints and concerns come up over and over again.

Now I know what I'm testing next.

After spending all week reviewing feedback, I see MAJOR themes.

Now, I'm going way back to my original 60 user interviews pre-pilot.

Were those themes present there, too?

I hope it will help me pick my most critical assumptions to test next.

#buildinpublic #learninpublic
What's cool about getting feedback and doing interviews is to discover the common threads and themes that emerge.

The same concerns and needs are coming up for our users post-pilot.

Now I have new assumptions to work with.

#buildinpublic #learninpublic
@_andypeacock I hear getting to 100 is the hardest 😂🥲.

Congrats on making it, tho! I'm still getting there and hoping that honest sharings of my #buildinpublic journey will be beneficial enough for people to want to follow me and exchange thoughts 🤞🏾
Doing my first interview for the Penny League blog series, showcasing cool women and non-binaries on their investing journeys :).

Doing a series of 10 and posting them to our blog!

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I've enjoyed freely admitting problems and mistakes to my users during this pilot.

Taking #learninpublic quite literally.

I'm so nervous about our pilot kickoff.

But I'm also excited to see what we learn and how our learnings will inform what we do next.

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Four days on the Channel Islands wasn't enough.

I went a year ago and was blown away by its beauty, isolation, and wonder.

It was a moment to reflect on how my life has changed in one year since my last visit.👇🏾

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WIP but if anyone wants to see Penny League's Code of Conduct…

#buildinpublic #community
Today I'm writing our pilot program's Code of Conduct for the community.

I want Penny League to be a judgment-free space, inclusive, and kind.

I know actions speaker louder than any piece of digital paper will, but I don't think this is a step that should be skipped.
#buildinpublic update:

Hit my first milestone of 75 subscribers on the waitlist. It took 10 weeks. My next milestone is 300 by early/mid-October. That's another 10-12 weeks to get 4x.

Average conversion rate of our site: 25.3%.
I #buildinpublic for all of these reasons, but also because I hope that my journey can be of help to others. Plus, I want to look back and see how far I've come and what I've learned.
If you are new to #BuildInPublic, the 1st thing you want to do is to find out why you want to do it.

- Is it for building an audience?
- Is it to have accountability?
- Is it to build up your credibility & personal brand gradually?

Knowing the answer will get you far.
For every decision I make, I align it to an assumption I'm testing. It helps me decide if the action is even worth the time, and reminds me what I'll learn from the experiment. #buildinpublic #assumptiontesting #LeanStartup
Goals of the Week:
- Review feedback + results from first newsletter
- Assess hypotheses of newsletter
- Prepare our "investing challenge" experiment
#buildinpublic #womenwhoinvest
Goal for the day: Finalize the first Penny League newsletter. Blasting out on Tuesday to our humble list of 55 subscribers #buildinpublic #startingfromthebottom #financialeducation
This week's lesson: Engagement drops the longer someone is on your waiting list without being contacted or emailed. #buildinpublic #leanisaboutlearning #femalefounders