#buildinpublic try to build a product like @levelsio 's in China, and use some materials directly.

but how to market this in China.

here my Chinese version :
#buildinpublic 2⃣4⃣

sabi lottery Alpha Test

10 winners 20SABI , 0.2 MATIC

Just login required

Happy with #buildinpublic

First Month - Easy to grow when the base is small
I build a new landing page for on-premises sales.

then send about thirty resumes, but without any feedback right now.

nice tried but now turn back to the Sabi.
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Take a break for several days.
I tried to find a new way to sell . provide an on-premises version.

And sending resumes to web3 companies to get tractions seems not a good idea.
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trying on-premise pricing, any advice or experience for this?

If your product needs network effect or heavy marketing. cooperating on-premise seems a better business model at begin. It's hidden behind the media but works.
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1. daily gifts complete milestone
2. web2.5 is not a perfect solution. but it works for more people. and reduce the cost to push the world to web3.
Tweets in EN all about building, with CN majority about run(pessimistic migrant). Thanks to #buildinpublic I follow so many people unknown but familiar
#buildinpublic 1⃣2⃣

should I launch only this feature first, give crypto gifts for the early bird, and complete the other social campaign later. Maybe launch today to 撒币(send money)
#buildinpublic Day 🔟
When building crypto-related projects, It's easy to addict to Token economics.
Sometimes you must control your mind don't think about that.
But it was fancy that coding is building your own world, and Token economics is refracting how you measure it
After launch, Sabi 2.0 is coming
Sabi 1.0 cost me 10 days to build and launch to real users.
Launch faster, Change easier. hope this change cost less than 10 days
I will share 2.0 process in this thread.
#buildinpublic I just found I spell the wrong word. 'compaign' it should be 'campaign'.

I already use it everywhere. should I refactor my code
include database data🤣
#buildinpublic day8

Yesterday I send my campaign page to two forums in China.

8 people receive 0.2 MATIC coins🥰. the redeem on the road.

Need to accomplish the landing page faster.✊
Continue to test the Traction Channels.
@mars98510467 fixed two bugs, and have the first user. Thanks
@ThePeterMick 🇨🇳 I'm Tan, My most friends are All Baned to use Twitter because our gov don't like twitter 😂

I'm building a tool for Twitter growth.
This tool is my dog food and #buildinpublic

Twitter followers UP UP UP 🥳
@ThePeterMick 🇨🇳 I'm Tan
#buildinpublic building a crypto-based giveaways tool for Twitter growth.
@philkellr @MeetKevon China mainland uses different social media platforms and is a completely different market. I know someone making great global products like @logseq . But yes, #buildinpublic is a small thing in China right now.
@phpfour @tdinh_me @blackmagic_so GOT IT, The first plugin for Twitter I installed. I start to #buildinpublic one week ago. It was helpful to use a tool like this to help me to understand my Twitter.
@MeetKevon Joined the #buildinpublicmastery waitlist. I tried this before I know you.…
Hope I can do it better.
Thank you so much for your building.
#buildinpublic day2
1. deploy landing page.
2. read twitter api document. get stuck in api the rate limit. damn it, no solutions right now, I think it doesn't matter, just keep moving forward ....…
@phpfour @MeetKevon I like to learn laravel and #buildinpublic. you do that both at the same time. great work and good luck.