Updated the homepage for @mysocial_page
Here's a comparison between the old site and the new one.

BTW the new site uses plain HTML and CSS!

Keep making those lame coding projects. You know they are lame, but they are so important in your progress to build that awesome thing. Also, learn and build in public!

Created MySocial page. Check it out

If you want one like this, I just launched beta. Please reply 👋 in this tweet.

#linkinbio #buildinpublic
Super update to @mysocial_page

Connected the dashboard editor and live site design together.

On the left is the public site (mysocial/yoursite)
On right is the dashboard page editor.

It's finally coming together!! 🎉

How do you like the Matrix theme for @mysocial_page?

Started creating a bunch of themes you can use to make your site cool!

My experience of building @mysocial_page in public for the last 2 months:

People are super supportive. They want you to succeed. The updates reach a wide range of people and you get new contacts.

It's hard to quit when so many people are rooting for you. So #buildinpublic
Today's update to @mysocial_page: Added the edit option for text, link and headings. Icon edit is work in progress.

Added the password field show/hide toggle in @mysocial_page. A simple yet very useful feature in every login/signup form.

Did it with React for the first time. It was a breeze using the local state.

I am building @mysocial_page in public -one page with all your socials, links, text, and images.

#buildinpublic #NoCode
Social icons are the final adders. Make this fully working, and the 1st MVP will be ready to go!! YES!

I want you to have multiple rows of social media icons. I don't know who has it, but you could be a band of people with that use case!

Building parts of MySocial dashboard, some of the design still looks like ass, but it's okay. Gotta make the 1st MVP functional. #buildinpublic
Some updates for today. 3 buttons after publishing the site. #buildinpublic
Did some solid updates for MySocial

- Add new blocks
- Save changes to database
- Image uploading state
- Preview section

Progress for MySocial! New icons, cleaner UI, drag and drop hover. Overall better-looking editor.

Sign up for beta 👉

No electricity for most of the day. But still managed to get some work done. Cleaned up a lot of the code and organized the components.

Now all the essential blocks are ready to use. It's time to configure the adders and wrap it up! #buildinpublic
Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening everyone! Monday starts here in Bangladesh and I am back to building MySocial. #buildinpublic

Please send me encouragement, I need it the most right now!
Didn't realize I actually built a #nocode website builder while trying to make a link-in-bio service.

Proudly #buildinpublic
Today's super update of MySocial. Image upload feature is working 🎉

Uploading from frontend React > goes to Node backend > uploads to CDN.