Who are the types of people who call themselves "remote workers"?

I can think of a few:

- Have a day job but allowed to WFH
- Indiemakers / Developers
- Agency contractors
- Virtual Assistants
- Solopreneurs
- Ghostwriters
- Freelancers
- Creators

Anyone else?

I have a HUGE dilemma about the people I want to serve:

1️⃣ 9-5ers with side hustles
2️⃣ Remote workers

Personally, I belong to 1️⃣

But folks in 2️⃣ don't have corporate support & perks that folks in 1️⃣ have to overcome their issues

Which option will you choose?

🚨 Calling all REMOTE WORKERS! 🚨

Quick question: What type of work do you do remotely?

In case you might not be aware...

I'm contributing this template to @cathyraffaele's Notion Genius Bundle

But before sales open on July 17th, I need your help to make it PERFECT

Consider this a SNEAK PEEK for you

I'll share more details in the DM

Let me know!

I know folks out there who HATES routines

- Goes with the flow
- Repetition gets boring
- Structure restricts freedom
- Stifles curiosity & creativity

e.g. creative directors, designers, chefs, artists, CEOs, freelancers, travel addicts

Is this accurate?

I think people who find routines useful have the following traits:

- Task-oriented
- Craves structure
- Hates uncertainty
- Needs a lot of details to work

e.g. COOs, engineers, developers, finance professionals, project managers

What do you think?

12 people shared with me why they've struggled with their routines so far

4 key observations:

1️⃣ The task feels too hard
2️⃣ They're not serious about it
3️⃣ Events disrupt their momentum (e.g. sickness)
4️⃣ Don't want to break the flow from the previous task

So I'm diving into my 1st few interviews to understand why some of you struggle with your daily routines

Any tips or advice about my plan below?

Would love to hear from experienced interviewers!

So I'm diving into my 1st few interviews to understand why some of you struggle with your daily routines

Any tips or advice about my plan below?

Would love to hear from experienced interviewers!

I'm going to do something I've never done before

I'm looking for 8 special people to have a 20-min chat with


Because I want to understand your struggles with designing & running daily routines

(Also because it's a fun #buildinpublic project)

- - -

So what's in it for……
I spent 2 hours last night brainstorming with ChatGPT for my new offer around "Building Intent-driven Routines"

I know I won't use ~70% of it because I want to replace it with my unique take & experiences

But I now have a good starting point to begin my build

Have you ever felt like giving up on a project?

If you did, then that makes the 2 of us

Yesterday, I decided to cancel the launch of my 1st product


Here are 5 reasons that made me do it

(and help you avoid the mistakes I made)


New clarity hack: vocal brain-dumping with @otter_ai!

Spent 45 mins walking around the sofa to sort out my coaching offer, routine-building framework, and content strategy

I feel that saying things out hits you differently compared to writing things down

Quick question:

What is a common reason for you missing your routine?

A. It's not planned
B. It's hard to get started
C. You don't feel like doing it
D. You don't see a point in doing it
E. All of the above
F. Others (tell me in the comments! 👇)

🚨 Calling for ideas!

I use super simple tools to help me run my routines effectively

- Notion as a workspace
- Google Calendar for scheduling
- Readwise Reader / Kindle to read daily

What tools do you use to help you run your routines?

🚨 Calling for ideas!

I set up several routines to help me achieve various daily goals:

✍️ Writing content
📘 Reading & learning
🗓️ Weekly / daily planning
🏃 Developing healthy habits
✅ Managing projects & tasks

What other goals do you set up routines for?

💡I have an idea

If you're wondering why your routine doesn't seem to be working, tell me about it and I'll record a Loom video to give you ultra-personalized feedback about it

(It'll be free for now)


Reply with any emoji in the comments! 👇

The results are out!

43% of you don't use Notion because you don't know what it can be used for


Do you want 1-2 sample templates for reference if you enrol in my Notion email course?

A simple Y/N in the comments will be appreciated - let me know! 🙌

I've decided!

My #buildinpublic project will be an email course!

I've never done one before, so this is going to be quite a ride

If you have any ideas about how to start, I'm all ears!

@MeetKevon Hello Twitter crew!

I'm Terry, and I'm learning how to #buildinpublic from the amazing @MeetKevon!

Over the next 30 days, join me as I build a free email mini-course to teach you how to build your first Notion-powered routine


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