10 years ago today, I created my Twitter account.

For 8 years, I didn't do much with it.

Last year, I started to #buildinpublic – that's when the movement was in its early stages.

Since then, I've made lots of friends and built an audience along the way.

@tanishqxyz @elegance Thanks a lot man!! Keep me posted about your #buildinpublic crypto project!!
@BorgeClooney Hahaha can’t do that when there are so many amazing makers & founders out there to follow 😩🤩 gotta bless my feed with some awesome #buildinpublic content
The craziest thing happened today.

I was minding my own business at WeWork when a guy came up to me and we started chatting abt our projects.

When I mentioned @OneWord_Domains, his eyes lit up. "Oh I saw that on Hacker News!" he said.

It's wild how effective #buildinpublic is.
IMO the line between sharing the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey and outright bragging is a fine one when you #buildinpublic

Let's try and be our authentic selves when posting on Twitter.

Let's NOT turn this into LinkedIn 2.0, please.
@peeplaja Maybe you are following the wrong people as this has not been my experience at all. I’ve learned people’s successes, failures, tech, etc... in fact, the only reason I started using NextJS is because @_joshuafonseca @heybereket and @FNTey all told me about it
This is such an incredible initiative!!

If you're looking for an idea to #buildinpublic, definitely check this out!

Shoutout to David for being so cool! 🤩

You need:
• An idea for a startup
• A design & code for it
• Your first paying customer 🤩

I have:
• A great idea & domain name
• A simple design & rough code
• Your first $60 ARR (from me)

I will give this to someone who builds it in public.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised...🧐😂

Speaking of which, what is the best approach to building an audience on Twitter?

a) Specializing in a particular field (entrepreneurship, #buildinpublic)

b) Doing a couple of things that you are passionate about (a diversified approach)
Doing a little survey to understand my audience a little better — what do you know me for? 🤓