Quietly deployed new listing process @TinyAcquisition where makers who want to exit up to USD $100k can list

- few clicks Google analytics integration/other analytics link
- stripe revenue data (coming soon)
- Business lifespan etc

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Hours of work just to overcome that one small thing.

Working on the something new.

#buildinpublic metrics to date

👨‍👩‍👧 Users: 6k
💻 Sessions: 8k
👀 PageViews: ~ 20k
💳 Revenue: $790

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Sometimes, the product is not for everybody and they would like to have a refund... I have worked this into my policies and that's fine as well.

#buildinpublic #nocode
Always improving the product for customers... Being one person it gets challenging but listening to subscribers has done wonders for

@Natalie_Furn I've mostly seen nocode in the #buildinpublic space and in my opinion the peers are sometimes the customers (they intersect quite significantly)
Can we really validate an idea? I found out you have to build it out first #buildinpublic
@jasonfried Q: How do you discover and validate your ideas and how do you assess if an idea is worth executing? #askJF
- @hiasinho

Yesterday evening I sent out an email to the users at

We have grown to 4 paid subscribers and 330+ sign ups (including a few bots) lol.

Very happy with this project. Thank you all for the support.

#nocode #buildinpublic
Currently at 222 users and increasing every day 🚀

#nocode #buildinpublic #copywriter #ghostwriter

3 paid subscribers 🎉…
Currently at 170 and going up every hour.

Wooohoooo first subscriber and paying customer this morning.🎉

Completely built on @bubble without a line of code.

Since getting feedback re #buildinpublic,

I decided to put thoughts together to start
>>>> <<<<

A @buildinpublic_ project that will help a lot of makers get their #nocode ideas validated.

Check, send me a message.
I need some feedback... should I just swallow my pride and do a #buildinpublic project or protect the idea?

Can #nocode community provide some pros and cons of #buildinginpublic ?