People tell on themselves pretty quick. I send out pitch decks with no photos of my team, just bios. When asked why we don’t have photos, my question is always, “what does it matter what we look like?” #buildinpublic
Super proud to call Monica Smith a colleague and friend. #WeAllWeGot #buildinpublic
Got a rejection email from the AWS Impact for Black Founders program. @tryallison #buildinpublic #rejectedinpublic
It's a bit bizarre that @tryallison has been rejected from 6 separate regions of @Techstars but is helping to bring one to Tampa. Just the way life seems to work for some of us. #buildinpublic
just connected @loganh8u and @georgeontheweb_ via email, but will do so here for good measure. #buildinpublic
One thing that I’ve known, but was reminded of today...there is NO amount of money that can replace being able to work with awesome and caring people. None. #buildinpublic
Super excited for this! Come join us. #startups #buildinpublic
Join us May 6 at 6pm for our #FirstFriday at the Fab Lab live stream, for a conversation with @startup_brian, founder of @tryallison and our new #EntrepreneurinResidence, hear about plans for @FCDI_Equinent & more! Watch live on Friday starting at 6pm on
It would be nice to have a shared repo for VC rejection emails. The ones I get are...interesting. #buildinpublic
FINAL CALL: Building your go-to-market? Designing your talent roadmap? Architecting the perfect fundraising strategy? Apply for the Foundations Program, an eight-week program aimed towards validating startup assumptions for part-time entrepreneurs.
Love being able to talk directly to our customers at all hours of the night. @sowmyarao_ is the amazing founder of @payswifter and @tryallison is excited to be supporting their product. #Buildinpublic
Considering a pivot for @tryallison and focusing on a “Community Bank-to-Crypto” roadmap. The idea would be to create a low code backend for banks to use, to offer crypto currency account in addition to checking, savings, etc. #buildinpublic
Had a little bit of a scare last night. Stress is a silent killer. Make sure that you’re unplugging consistently from your “grind”...building a business, work, school, etc. #HealthIsWealth #buildinpublic
My company @synthfinstartup was accepted into the University of Tampa's Spartan Incubator, at the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center. I'll be documenting my experience, potentially turning it into a web series. #buildinpublic #BlackTechTwitter
I've been helping with a client lately who has had some trouble understanding why we can't just give her the front end demo we made quickly to help demonstrate what the end result will be like, with no back end attached. So here is how I'm explaining that won't work:
I’ll post something more official on Monday but my startup @synthfinstartup was accepted into the incubator program of a large university in Tampa. Super excited. #BlackTechTwitter #buildinpublic
I've decided to join the #buildinpublic movement. I started building a SaaS that converts Twitter threads into audio, so you can listen to it like your favorite podcast. Sign up for @ThreadCastApp here:

We'll be emailing beta access out soon. Thanks.