What Twitter has definitely helped me with is getting some advice. But I can't bring myself to constantly sit on any social network and comment on other people's posts just to get followers. I don't feel sincere in this case #buildinpublic
To be honest, I no longer hope to grow my Twitter enough to get the first users. It turned out to be super laborious to get a bunch of subscribers from my target audience. So I'll just write here about the journey #buildinpublic
I'm a #software engineer and my work with any #marketing channels goes through the following stages:
I have 27 tickets, which were shifted to Saturday. Sounds like a challenge "who will schedule more tasks than capacity" #buildinpublic #27in0
If you are an independent entrepreneur and have promised nothing to anyone but yourself, is it legal to move internal deadlines? What does conscience say to you? 🙂 #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Bootstrapping is when one teammate gets sick and half of the work gets stuck. #buildinpublic
Guys, serious question - how to embed lead magnets into a blog? #buildinpublic #content
Twitter community, what tips do you use to be constantly active in comments? #buildinpublic
How does anyone prepare for the working week? I try to do nothing #buildinpublic
Week 1 of the pre-launch campaign is over. I feel really tired but satisfied. The plan was as follows:
#buildinpublic #productmanagement #BiP
What is your next step after building a landing page for startup idea? #SaaS #buildinpublic #startups
We had around 30 people in waitlist, but got only 1 call with feedback after using beta. Does it show low demand for the idea, or it’s really hard to get people in beta-test? #buildinpublic #SaaS
Okay, after 2 months of building we finally get that audience need plugin for Jira instead of separate Dashboard
Yes, we knew about it on start. We just though it can limit us in terms of UI. And it was wrong 😬 #buildinpublic #SaaS #BiP
It’s really hard to start #buildinpublic when you don’t have sales. Sounds like you have nothing to post
So, this is how we try to reduce stress after pitch ☺️
So, what we have now:
🚀World, where working with Russians and Belarusians is a reputation risk
📈0 MRR SaaS product with Russian and Belarusian founders
💵Money for six month to get revenue and pre-seed

Let’s see what comes of it #SaaS #buildinpublic #startup