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πŸ›’ 469 total stores created
❌ 192 app uninstalls
πŸ’΅ $2000 worth of products sold
πŸ€‘ $12 MRR

One of my biggest customers goin' live with their pSEO build today! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰ #buildinpublic
For the first time in 2 years:

Traffic from twitter > Google search

All because of #buildinpublic
Building an Email Automation NPM library this month βœ‰οΈβœ¨ #buildinpublic

Devs can use this to build drip email sequences natively


Technical deets πŸ‘‡
Got a bit killed on the #2 #buildinpublic product but I learnt a ton about the Crypto landscape.

1. People don't know where to start Crypto
2. Save only imp data on-chain, everything else off-chain
3. Not all NFTs are created the same
4. Easy to dev
5. ETH gas fees super high
Working on sourcing artwork for the NFT game.

⚑ Product 2/12: Santawars

I'm building an NFT game where you are in either the Santa Team or the Grinch Pack.

- Attack players from the other team using a smart contract
- The team with most players alive on Dec 25th wins

πŸ‘ Thumbs up if you wanna playtest

Playing around with @revue. Might be useful to publish #buildinpublic updates.
#buildinpublic - 6

I break down how I am generating a ton of static pages with dynamic content and adding on-page SEO + Google Structured Data using the next-seo package.
Showing what you're building is def more valuable than the building itself #buildinpublic
Exhibit B:

@sssaini_ with the tech-tips.

He's just started a dev vlog sharing his journey as an indie maker. Every episode is short, fun, and I learn something new πŸ‘‡…
vlog stack for #buildinpublic (Mac!)

I have been using @loom but the 5 mins limit is really annoying + I can't edit easily. Here's my stack for recording coding videos:

- OBS: Set format to MP4 and 2880x1800 on Base and Output
- iMovie: Edit and publish to @YouTube
Google Books API has an easy endpoint to grab metadata on a book title.

Get and process the metadata into a json file which will eventually get fed into a Next.js app making it an end to end data pipeline 😁

#buildinpublic #5
Week 1:

I am going to #buildinpublic @SaaSBaseHQ - guides on building your SaaS.

I will be sharing the actual BTS of:
1. How I write technical content
2. Product decisions
3. Opportunities in the SaaS landscape
Binge-watched and subscribed to @noahwbragg's #buildinpublic videos. Absolutely incredible watching @potion_so come to life ✨✨
4/5 Step up with #buildinpublic

- Participate in #buildinpublic by providing a real behind-the-scene look of the work instead of simply listing features, revenue metrics etc
Consistency is key so here goes...

Every week I will be distilling an episode of @indiehackers in 5 tweets.

#01 - Paid Newsletters /w @yarobagriy (Ep #191)

1 - Paid newsletters
2 - Solve own problem
3 - Curate not create
4 - Step up with #buildinpublic
5 - Ghost vs. Substack
Sharing the story of your product is much more effective than just showcasing it once. Hop on #BuildInPublic

A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide

How to:
β€’ Validate your idea πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬
β€’ Build an audience πŸ‘€
β€’ Give your product the best chance at success πŸš€

... all while focusing most of your time on building!

⚑️ A thread 🧡 ⚑️
Building an NPM package live on twitch! #buildinpublic

Email Automation as a File:
- nodemailer
- node-cron