🚧 So far, #spryblog has had only one theme as default and several custom themes. Right now, working on two more #themes #buildinpublic
Today, after a conversation with my friend, I've reminded myself — it's very important to pay attention to details in your business. The majority of things working now in #spryblog so I'm going to refine and improve things, even small ones like Confirmation pop-up #buildinpublic
...I think that’s one of the main ideas I kept in mind while #developing it. I don’t want to be intrusive. It should serve its purpose of helping those who are interested in building a platform using #spryblog #buildinpublic
Improved #navigation between Shorts main screen and a Single short so that if you close the post you go back to the same scroll position. #spryblog #buildinpublic
Shorts import in #spryblog automatically cleans up the #IG content from hashtags. #buildinpublic
I’ve upgraded #Editor so that when you copy and paste a text from other places, it keeps things clean, and you don’t need to clean up the formatting yourself. #buildinpublic
Fixed #JS bugs on the #FrontEnd, so more use cases are covered now. And it’s frameworks-free! #buildinpublic
#CSS code in #spryblog is optimized. So it uses 20% less size. Meaning blogs load faster now 🚀 #buildinpublic
Native #Analytics in #spryblog is getting better. Recently, added referral link tracking. That way, I can see, more specifically, the performance of links I give out or share on other platforms. I haven’t used other solutions like Google Analytics for a while now. #buildinpublic
The #SEO and the rendered code that #search engines scan is now even cleaner. I’ve upgraded the editor with an automatic clean-up mechanism. It does everything on the go so you can concentrate on writing. #buildinpublic
Designed & deployed a new menu. I'll be adding some amazing stuff in there soon 😉 #buildinpublic