One of the biggest Qs our clients have is finding their first x customers. Here's a repo of how great companies got their first 1K customers - no catch, d/w it's free.

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@SloanCam Yeah dude, every few weeks personally. It can be discouraging not hitting the mark sometimes but there's usually always a way we can be better. Sometimes it's the product, sometimes it's us. Send me a DM if you want to talk, not a sales pitch. #indie #founders #buildinpublic
@whysaloni Yep, I see what you mean now. Candidly speaking, it can be overwhelming to do 20 things altogether in the beginning...

When we're scaling, I'd love to have a CXO by my side. Just not sure if it'll make sense for the co-founder title. #buildinpublic #indie #founders
Serve your first 100 customers like family. And then repeat for the next 100, and again, and again.

And then teach your team to do the same. Obsess over your customers' success stories, because that's why you build. #buildinpublic #indie #founders #startups
Being an indie founder, I find that only 10% of the advice I receive turns out to be contextual, relatable & accurate. The other 90% is very misleading, unnecessary and honestly a waste of time.

- Our job is to get you that 10%.

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Although most founders have probably read @paulg's blogs, it's always important to remind ourselves of the fundamentals:…

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"Don’t feel qualified? Nobody does.

You can only be qualified to do that which you have already accomplished or trained for.

Anything new is accomplished by unqualified people."

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Sometimes, your friends won't be excited about your startup as much as you are. And that's alright.

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Great for future #founders and those who #buildinpublic to build an audience from early-on.
@LenaSesardic @IndieHackers +1 We read it and it was fantastic. #buildinpublic is definitely the way to go, as it helps you engage with your future audience from an early-stage and also, makes you commit to what you're building.

Excited to see where you do next! :)
Who's your favourite #startup #founder that you wish would mentor you - and why? #buildinpublic