Glad to share about my journey and why it’s important to #buildinpublic…
Learning from the titans of the Ugandan startup ecosystem.🫡
We had a rookie bug that we laughed about after it was solved all our transactions were going to one legacy account & yeah it was funny & scary all in one, we are now building a cashout feature with @payleo_ug API, @xentetech's payout API also promises reliability #buildinpublic
Looks like we are live on Google play store today, with a minor bug. An exciting one though #buildinpublic
7/ The best part is, it's completely free to join! So what are you waiting for? Head over to the slack community and start building in public today! #buildinpublic #entrepreneurship #communitybuilding #feedbackloop #startupadvice
Free tools ⚒️ every startup founder should have in their corner
@NotionHQ team and tasks management
@figma design
@metabase data visualization

Add more that work for you.
Had an interesting conversation with nubi from @paystack today about @buymejuice_ , about building a cross border solution for creatives across SSA #buildinpublic
How do you create a MLP?
-         Focus on ‘The WHY’
-         Align your team on your lovable goals
-         Stay Lean and Agile – focus on the M in MLP!
-         Gather qualitative research – customer feedback loops
-         Test, iterate, repeat #buildinpublic
I'm announcing my intention to build in public starting today.