Basic WYSIWYG editor coming soon to!

Now how do i convert markdown table to a normal looking table on Lexical 😭

Which magic link log in/auth service do you guys use?

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So what’s your audience building plan now that Twitter limits read posts?

Landed a $50 pre-order without a product. Mood right now:

User interview 101: focus on the past, not the future.

While it's exciting to pitch your project, many people will compliment it out of politeness.

That is just pure fluff & distraction.

You want to understand what they do, not what they say they will do.

Wrapped up another customer discovery call.

Biggest tip?

Treat it like a first date.

Just let them do the talking and they will want to invite you for a 2nd drink 🤣

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If you aren't scared of at least one question during your customers validation phase, you're wasting your time

Had a talk with a B2B customer last night and I instantly removed 4 features off my todo list.

Need to study some example of exceptional landing pages.

Anyone have references to page that convert particularly well (with data to backup)?

I'll analyze and report back what I learn 🙇‍♂️

First attempt at Reddit marketing channel

- 112 visitors (2.3% conversion)
- 37 new trips created
- 12 affiliate links clicked
- $0 booking 😭

Lesson learnt:
- Be yourself
- Share your vulnerability

Pricing test. Context: I haven't built out any features in Basic & Pro. Should I:

1. Collect emails if people click upgrade & following up with them closer to beta launch?

2. Charge them a token price (another tier of intent I guess?)

3. Any other suggestion?

In the past, I would have built out both Edit & Export to PDF feature and hope someone buys.

Now after failing enough 🤣, I'm just gonna put 2 fake buttons that show a fake payment popup.

Unless the number is good, these 2 features aren't seeing the light.

Built a fun dachshund loading screen to honor my boss at home :D

How often do you push to your production site?

And do you do any methodological testing before releasing?

who wants more Dumbledore's teachings for #buildinpublic 🤣
Believe it or not, this typing link-injection is a quick hack i employed to get affiliate link into content.

To hide this link during the generation step actually took me 3 hours with a huge change in the backend engine T_T

Small value prop tweak today.

Changing the tag line to be more specific.

Hopefully users will sympathize with this pain point more.

Old tag line: Fire your travel agency.

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You know things are getting serious when you start seeing feature branches in you git log 🤣

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When I made my travel plans, I would spent hours on Google researching.

With, why bother reading sites with flooded ads when you can just highlight part of the itinerary and ask AI to change it for you. (Coming soon)

Finally adding some social proof to my site. Too late after the launch 😂