Build in public is not just sharing revenue charts!

You should also:

βœ… Share goals
βœ… Share struggles and fails
βœ… Share milestones
βœ… Share your roadmap
βœ… Show new features
βœ… Offer help
βœ… Ask for help
βœ… Share learnings
βœ… Share your progress

I really ❀️ the indie maker world.

Small startups are closer to the customer than large companies.

🧡 Here are some reasons why you should support the indie maker world and their startups ⬇️

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New learning from this year:

Build landing page first!

πŸ’‘ It will help to rethink your whole concept and laser focus on your main features to solve the main problem of your users

πŸ“ƒ Create a waitlist to collect emails from interested persons

Start #buildinpublic as early as possible!

Share your learnings and your journey including the struggles and failures.
Share your ideas and progress early to get initial feedback from many people before you spend a lot of time developing a product no one wants.

Why are there so many hosting services out there to host react apps (e.g. netlify, vercel & co) but no such solutions for angular?

Build in public podcasts you will love:

🎧 The Bootstrapped Founder by @arvidkahl
🎧 The Build in Public Podcast by @thisiskp_
🎧 Startups for the Rest of Us by @robwalling
🎧 Software Social by @leenyburger & @mjwhansen

Are you afraid to build in public?

The bad news is that no one cares about you.
The good news is that no one cares about you.

Focus on providing value and sharing your story and the rest will come by itself.

🧡 About 2000 active users but my revenue is still => $0!

My first project "RDZN - German Football" is available for iOS & Android.

The app is not entirely unsuccessful but even not successful!

Some of my learnings and mistakes I made on this first try ⬇️

When you want to start #buildinpublic - start right now!

10 awesome founders you should follow ⬇️:
As Indie Maker do you write tests for your projects?

What do you prefer?

🚫 No Tests
πŸ“ Just Unit Tests
🧭 Unit & E2E Tests
✌️ Manual Testing

When you share your journey publicly, with all its learning, struggles and failures β€” you can gain more visibility for your product and personal brand.

This may result in getting users, customers or partnerships.

Creating a saas is the best way to procrastinate on actually building a product...

After 4 yrs of coding alone in my "dark room", I started on April 22 my public journey here on Twitter.

I'm really happy that I found the #buildinpublic community and I'm now a part of it!

In these 4 months, I got to know so many great people and learned so much. Thank you β™₯️
I need your opinion please ☺️

I'm currently thinking about the design of MakersDiary.

Is that current design too colorful? Would you prefer a more simple design with fewer colors or is that colorful design okay for you? πŸ€”

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In your SaaS what do you prefer and why?


For me, no-code feels like a kind of cheating and I always want to do most things by myself.
I know that is not the best way... πŸ˜…

How do you handle that?

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🌟 Today I made my plan for 2023 🌟

I really would love to do the challenge:

6 SaaS businesses in 12 months!


Read why ⬇️
I guess I will give @LogSnag a big try 😁. It looks very nice and MakersDiary will love it.

#SEO - Link Building (3/3) 🧡

How to create more Backlinks for a higher Google ranking as a Blogger or for your Startup? ⬇️

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