Wonderful articulation of all what is possible with #buildinpublic
☁️ Opportunities

Share more than revenue. There are other ways to build in public. You can:

• Offer Help
• Share Goals
• Request Help
• Build Waitlists
• Share Lessons
• Share Struggles
• Share Milestones
• Reflect on Progress
• Show New Features
• Share your Roadmap
@euboid @dobroslav_dev Well said @dobroslav_dev, and agree fully @euboid! Maybe instead of just sharing our #buildinpublic stats, maybe we can also explicitly ask others for help with the challenges we are facing?
@VaniHQ - if you guys are linking to your Twitter page from your website, it should't be completely empty. And you should #buildinpublic .
@scottintheworld @j_thomas_421 @PensonDodgers No disrespect - but wouldn't that be counter to the fundamental idea behind the whole effort? You're sort of doing #buildinpublic . You'll get richer feedback if the people here see the "real" thing IMHO.
Well put. That's why #buildinpublic works so well - it holds us accountable!
I talked to a super smart 20 year old this week.

All the potential in the world, but had a major major flaw in his thinking.

This flaw is becoming the most common mistake I am seeing young people make early in their career.

Let's break it down:
@wizardkarolina Yup, what are you working on? I think the idea of #buildinpublic is to share everything. It's better to air it out so people can give feedback right away saving you a lot of effort if you need to change things later on.