Asked this in #buildinpublic but are there any major reasons to go with metered billing instead of a credit system for a subscription + additional usage cost SaaS?

Might be time to scope out something like @danmartell's program
Everytime I write tests I catch some pretty glaring bugs -- but still feels so sluggish when trying to launch quickly

Though these ones I wrote to save myself manual labor, probably a situation worth writing tests for

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The order in which I do things:
1. Make it work
2. Make it right
3. Make it fast

But when a single test run takes ~5min (automated video processing), I may need to jump to #3 in order to finish #1. Lowering iteration time and all that

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MVP is working as of today, the beauty of an eat-your-own-dogfood product: worst case it helps our other biz grow 💹

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After running a people-heavy business like recruiting, it's very satisfying to build a SaaS -- code that runs flawlessly over and over

The "army of robots at your disposal" a la @naval

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Twice now I've spent an entire day researching/implementing (recently #GitLab CI/CD) only to finally realize I don't need it at all

Still progress, but 😑

Is CI/CD overkill for a solopreneur? And is #Heroku that much easier than AWS?

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Hopefully this is how #buildinpublic works -- but barebones MVP is working, figuring out deployment, #DevOps , and pricing now

As someone new to pricing, found this handy:…