10 hard lessons I've learned by launching 10 micro products on Product Hunt:

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Reached the $2000 mark.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me in this journey so far!

Looking forward to more heights!

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The launch is going great.

Thanks for your support, folks!

You all are amazing!

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I have an audience of 2600+ followers and have made $1000+ from Gumroad sales in 45 days.

You don't need to have an audience of 10000+ or 100000+ followers to make sales.

Build a quality and affordable product that provides value, and you are done.

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He: I'm not able to write viral threads on twitter. Should I leave this platform?

She: No, there is a magic pill to help you learn from the best writers. It will launch tomorrow, on Product Hunt.

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He: I have great ideas, but I suck at writing good threads.

She: I am good at both, lol

He: How did you do that?

She: A product is being launched this Sunday, on product hunt. That would help.

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Spider Man: I know how to create webs, but I can't create viral threads

Iron Man: Why don't you learn that from the best thread writers?

Launching this Sunday, on Product Hunt, a magic pill to help you learn from the best writers.

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Iron Man: I can write viral threads.

Captain America: How did you do that?

Iron Man: Well, that's a secret.

Launching a product this Sunday, on Product Hunt.

All secrets are to be revealed.

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He: I'll be the best thread writer.

She: Why don't you learn from 100+ best thread writers?

He: That's too time-consuming

Launching the magic pill this Sunday on Product Hunt.

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Viral Idea + Excellent writing skills = Viral Tweet

Most of us suck at one or the other part.

I'm building a solution.

Launching this Sunday, on @ProductHunt

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He: I have millions of ideas

She: I know how to write them persuasively.

They both made a perfect couple.

You need to know how to write to create an impact.

Ideas alone never help.

Launching this Sunday, on @ProductHunt

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You don't have to SHITPOST and create CRINGE content on Twitter to grow as a creator.

I have built a MAGIC pill for you.

A content creation POWERHOUSE.

Check it out here, and please upvote:…

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4700000000 people use social media.

47000000+ of them tried being a creator.

470000+ of them have got some success being a creator.

I'm building a content creation powerhouse that helps you go from zero to hero in content creation.

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My neighbour: I won't buy your product.

Me: You can learn how to apply your skills in the real world.

He: I don't care about the learning, does your product have any ROI/ brand value?

That day, I realised how much brand and marketing matter.