Which layout do you prefer for our navbar?

Closer or further apart?

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I've been learning about #gsap for a while and can't believe how powerful it is.

Checkout this footer reveal animation I added to our upcoming MVP website with GSAP πŸ˜„.

We plan on using GSAP on all our client projects!

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Wanted to share some small successes on my startup's LinkedIn page. 3,300% increase in impressions is a lot 🀯, thank you so much!

Just finished our founders' meeting today. We're just short of 3 weeks away from #Syncore's MVP!

βœ… Branding and logo creation
βœ… UI/X design
βœ… Web development
βœ… Copywriting
βœ… Fully managed and hosted in-house
😏 Completely custom too (no #NoCode barriers!)

That's what we're bringing on August 10th with my startup, #Syncore.

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πŸ‘€ A little sneak-peek of #Syncore's upcoming website.

We're launching on August 10th

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Can't wait for our #Syncore's launch date, we're about done with our MVP website and I decided to run an audit... just look at these results πŸ˜„.

We using the same tools to build our website as we would for our clients.

Creative design 🀝 fast performance.

Big πŸ™Œ for, my favorite #NoCode platform. They make connecting apps together super easy!

Checkout this flow I got going to connect my Twitter posts to my LinkedIn posts (as well as posting tweets into a Discord channel 😏)

Like our button hover effect on our upcoming MVP website 😏

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I just started building our MVP website for #Syncore!

Much like the websites we'll build for our clients, we're using Astro, Svelte, and WindiCSS to build a super-fast and sleek landing page.

Let me know what you think about our WIP design πŸ‘€

Decided to with a super-minimal blog/resume website for the next iteration of my personal website.

I'm also going to design it entirely in @penpotapp πŸ˜›

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Our @astrodotbuild starter we use for #Syncore just got a whole heck of a lot faster thanks to full PWA optimization.

Now to just solve the question of image optimization with #Svelte and #Vite πŸ€”

It's official, #Syncore's MVP date will be August 10th πŸŽ‰.

I recently tweeted about what we do at Syncore if you're interested to find out:…

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(🧡1/4) I've been getting some questions about what #Syncore does and what our upcoming MVP is about so I've decided to post a short thread about it.

Syncore LLC is a web design and development startup focused on building fast, mobile-optimized websites using the JAMStack.
When you want to redesign your personal website but can't decide on a style😩

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(🧡 4/4) Our team handles it all in-house. Frontend-as-a-Service is billed monthly as well, think of it as an all-inclusive subscription service for your website needs.

Still working on #Syncore's @astrodotbuild and @sveltejs starter!

We're getting 100/100 on SEO out-of-the-box thanks to Astro's super handy SEO package 🀩

We just need to add PWA support and we'll be golden for our MVP.

I took the day off today πŸ˜…

I didn't get to work on any #Syncore tasks for our upcoming MVP but I did work on my golf swing (let's just say I can hit my driver a little further than before 🏌️)

Everytime I look at @awwwards, the more and more I want to learn about WebGL so I can (one day) create an Awwward-winning website myself ✨

🐀 I've been using @getsturdy for the past 3 weeks to manage my projects and absolutely love how it simplifies the whole Git workflow!

I just effortlessly ported #Syncore's @astrodotbuild starter to be entirely Svelte-based through Sturdy!

πŸ‘€ A little sneak peek at a hero design iteration for #Syncore's MVP website.