A bit basic. But this is a new #mastodon called #stampede that I’m working on. This is the profile view. Need to fill it out a bit more, but preliminary thoughts?

Insane growth for Wordblot.AI - July isn’t even half over and we’ve exceeded our June numbers.

Thanks for all the support #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Looking for a favor for all the #BuildInPublic folks…

If you can upvote me on @apprater, I’d greatly appreciate it. It takes no time at all (no registration needed).…
Not bad for a month. At a bit over 100 free trial signups for, gonna be averaging 10 Daily Active Users soon. Need to work on paid conversion, but slow and steady, right?

The new update I pushed today should help I think.

#BuildInPublic #IndieHackers
Pushed the latest Wordblot.AI to prod! Includes a ton of changes including:

1. Layout update
2. Mobile friendlier (not fully mobile friendly yet)
3. New tools including a “Rewriter”
4. Faster ML engine

Would love any feedback from the #BuildInPublic crew!
Question for team #BuildInPublic / #IndieHackers - is there a service that will automatically create an email seed list? My open rates are super low and I keep getting told that my @WordblotAI emails are going to spam.

I’m using @WarmupYourEmail, but that’s more for SMTP warmup.
Looks like this week is slipping for ⁦@WordblotAI⁩ - I guess I need to spend more time #marketing today and less time #coding. What do you think team #buildInpublic? What marketing efforts can I focus on!
This week was SLIGHTLY worse than last week for ⁦@WordblotAI⁩, but I’m happy to share these stats to help team #BuildInPublic
Question for the #buildinpublic crew…. Is there a “walk through as a service” out there? Something that I can use to customize / tweak my product walk through for customer on boarding?
Need some help from the #BuildInPublic crew…. Getting a decent number of free trials for @wordblotai but low paid conversions. What tips do you recommend?