This UX community is absolutely amazing !!

I’m humbled 🙏

Should I setup a Patreon 🤣🤣🤣

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The #buildinpublic year of 2023. Let's get it ! 💪
🏆 GOAL — Make $100k in the next 12 months 🏆

As a indie hacker, designpreneur, or someone who makes money on the internet 🦄

Because I won’t be making $10k-$25k a month

— starting today

Pausing my Web 3.0 startup & part-time UX consulting

Here’s my plan ↓

🎉 @uxplaybook just got a new customer from Lebanon 🇱🇧

That’s designers 300+ from 41 countries! 🤯

Which country will be next?

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I’m doubling down on content this year 💪

Comments like this make it all worth it! 💜

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2022 Wrapped 🎉

My @gumroad products were 100% free.

$43 was solely generous donations from the community.

👉 What’s other UX freebies you want in 2023?

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So I started a newsletter

I know what you’re thinking — not another design newsletter 🥱 🙄 

I get it… But hear me out!

Are you ready for our UX Portfolio Critique launching Monday?!

Launching a new product this week 🚀

Check out the 1-min trailer I made.



We added a new customer from Denmark 🇩🇰

Not even 1 year and our community has grown to people from 40 countries.

I run 3 different business (and building some more)

Follow semi-productive #buildinpublic journey 👉 @uxchrisnguyen

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Productivity gurus are LYING to you

Working harder & longer hours will cause serve burnout 😮‍💨

To get more done in a shorter time

Follow these 5 realistic productivity tips & apply it today

1/1000 True (and secret) Fans 😹

Anymore for anymore? 🙈

5️⃣ Life is filled with risk, embrace it

I took a calculated risk for my #buildinpublic journey

Was it challenging?

→ Hell yes

Have I regretted it?

→ Hell nah

Risk is a component of everything that could improve your life

Take risks over comforts, every time.
🤔 Did you know?

📺 I post daily UX Shorts on YouTube!


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What are you building fast?

It took me 11 tries and 1.5 years to finally get a big win again.

Build fast, kill faster.
I started writing online on April 24, 2022

200 days later:

• 1M+ impressions
• $20k+ in online revenue
• 4 successful income streams

Writing on social media builds more than just authority

It builds a business

👉 Are you putting yourself out there?