Is this the best way to break down UX Case Studies?

Woah. This just hit me…

This year I turned into a writer 🤯

Not only writing 100+ days online but..

• 29,353 words for UX Playbook
• 35,890 words for Management Playbook
• 8,626 words (and counting) for Portfolio Playbook

What else should I be writing?

Today, I made my first dollar on @gumroad.

I feel invincible. 🥳

Working on the typically UX hiring process.

What am I missing? 🧐

Thinking about uploading our Playbooks to different marketplaces 🤔

- Prototion
- A Notioneer
- The Notion Bar
- Notion Pages
- Notion VIP
- Notion Everything

What other Notion Template Marketplaces are there?

What a way to close the month:
→ 100th customer
→ Most items sold/month
→ $4k revenue/month
→ Launched UX Management Playbook

Feeling grateful 🙏

How’s your August?
🎉 Celebrating our 99th customer today 🎉

We are giving away
3 products to 3 lucky customers

Requirements to enter
1. Follow @semigrownkid
2. RT & tag 1 friend
3. Be a UXPB customer

Winners will be chosen in 72 hours
Winners pick any prize

Join us!
#buildinpublic #UXPlaybook
I’m celebrating my 5000+ followers milestone 🎉

Big thanks to everyone for joining me on this journey 🤗

Every bit of progress, though small, matters.

And I’m crazy grateful!!! 🙏

2 years ago, I quit my 6-figure Head of Design job.

I wanted to help more people with my work

But a fancy job title couldn't get me there

So I was unfulfilled and unhappy.

I'm here today waking up to these messages

And I know I'm on the right path ☺

I wholeheartedly agree! 🤍

That’s why I started documenting

How to build an awesome UX team culture

If you want to be a kickass design manager 👉

Public release 🚀 in 𝟱 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀!

On the waitlist? Get it today at discount.

#buildinpublic #UXPB
Our UX Career Ladder @figma template is getting a lot of love 💑

Check it out here 👇…

🔸 Nurture your designers
🔸 Experiment with team chemistry
🔸 Craft a purposeful culture

…with UX Management Playbook

Public release 🚀 in 𝟲 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀!

Get it today at a discount ↓🤫

#buildinpublic #UXPB
I'd be lying if I said I DGAF about likes or followers

But likes, RT or new followers don't keep me going.

Messages like this do 💪

For my fellow content creators:

• Use your voice,
• Share your knowledge

You're helping more people than you could imagine!

This TikTok made us go viral!

🤔 Our new growth marketing engine?

I prefer Twitter community tbh!

#buildinpublic now has customers from 22 countries! 🌏

Today we added Romania 🇷🇴 - Mulțumesc!

Couldn’t have dreamt anything like this when I started a year ago.

Thanks for supporting an indie-maker 🙏

Happy Sunday to all lovely and talented UX folks!

UX Playbook will soon be available in Portuguese 🇵🇹

What are your UX career proudest moments?

Here’s mine 🤓

Inspiring and helping others to succeed in their career journey 🚀

Check out our Wall of Love 🖤

- A huge redesign of our website 🧑‍💻
- A logo refresh ⚡️
- Posting daily UX content on Twitter and LinkedIn 📱
- Made videos about UX 🎥
- Hired 2 part-time team members (to keep me sane)! 👔

So much more coming in the rest of 2022… watch this space!

We are 1 year old today! 🎉

also my birthday, yippie! 🥳

Some of my favourite highlights of the last 12 months.

- Launched our wall of love ❤️
- Launched our second product UX Career Ladder
- Added freebies for UX managers

Year 1
→ $2,859

Year 2 (6 months in)
→ $3,000

Sold less, made more.