It's a nice feeling for sure 😅🙏

Thank you to all the 30+ people who have downloaded my latest free Notion product so far!

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My next 5 notion template/system builds:

1/ The Million $ Money Manager (this week)
2/ Fast lane to fitness 🔜
3/ Book tracker📚 (Free)
4/ Systemised student OS👨‍🎓
5/ The prepared PM bundle
6/ Streamlined start-up bundle

All with freebies/lead magnets
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I will use it to push traffic to the entire template bundle when it launches.

My last lead magnet got almost 30,000 impressions. I was stupid not to have a CTA last time.

Hoping the eyeballs will lead to sales. Confident it will.
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2. Template creation (progress so far)

I've set up all the main pages/navigation within the template. (See below).

what do you guys think?
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Excited to (re)introduce my 2nd #buildinpublic Notion project:
The $1,000,000 Money manager 💸📈

Follow along over the next week as I build a system that has everything you need to TAKE CONTROL of your finances.👨‍💻

In one easy-to-use Notion template.
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T-10 hours until I start my next #buildinpublic Notion project. ⌛👨‍💻

I love being able to bring ideas to life. Main reason why I love the #creatoreconomy.
5 tools I used to build my first #buildinpublic Notion product. 150+ Sales.

1. @Notionhq (Project management)
2. @Canva (mockups)
3. @TwemexApp (Research)
4. Twitter (Promotion)
5. @gumroad (listing + payments)

All free. All easy to use. Just start.
GM to all my fellow builders and creators.🛠️

Wins for last week:
- Doubled my follower count
- 130 sales on my first notion template

Goals for this week:
- 2nd #buildinpublic Notion build
- Workout/Run x5 💪
- Continue providing value on IG+twitter

What are you working on?
Only £9,998 to go! 😂

Thanks for all the support so far!

Just validated the idea the I can make @notionhq products people want

Blown away 📈👨‍💻
Time to get to work!

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And we are live!

Giving away $50 in BTC or cash to someone who RT and follows in the next 48h 🚀

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This @notionhq creator swipe file will make me $10,000 in the next 6 months but it’s yours for FREE.

If you want to grow on Twitter + make money selling templates this is for you!

Simply RT this and comment "Swipe" and I'll DM it to you 🤝✅

*Must be following so I can DM*
#buildinpublic project update:

✅ Create template
✅ Copywriting
✅ Design
✅ Gumroad setup
✅ Pre-launch
⬜ Launch
⬜ Promote

All the work has been done! Time to Launch and promote!

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Plan of attack for tomorrow morning:
✅ Create template
⬜ Copywriting
⬜ Design
⬜ Gumroad setup
⬜ Pre-launch
⬜ Launch
⬜ Promote

2. Template creation

Progress to date:

I have 130+ tweets embedded with analysis complete on about 1/2 of those.

going to spend the next hour or two finishing off the rest #notionsetup #notiontemplate #notion #buildinpublic
@NotionHQ @julesdotso What you can expect from this thread?

- A commentary of the entire process start to finish
- Tips on launching a digital product with $0
- Best practices for #buildinpublic
- Chance to win some £££ (stay tuned for launch).
Follow along over the next few hours as I #buildinpublic with my first @NotionHQ product and launch it tonight!

This is the plan:
⬜ Create template
⬜ Copywriting
⬜ Design
⬜ Gumroad setup
⬜ Pre-launch
⬜ Launch
⬜ Promote

#notiontwt #notion

s/o @julesdotso for the H/L plan
Happy Friday folks!

Wins so far this morning:
•5 hours working on client deliverables.
•Planned/Posted on IG + TikTok
•Prepped for a #buildinpublic Notion session this afternoon.

What's one win you’re proud of today?
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A personal goal for the next 3 months is to write every day, even if no one reads it.

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My focus over the next few weeks/month will to make my first $ online, with @NotionHQ templates/products.

Time to validate the idea that I can make money online. 📈🛠

Gotta start somewhere 💭

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