Toggling 2-column and 3-column mode
I've also changed the accent color in the sidebars to neutral gray (to make the content stand out)
#uimix #buildinpublic
Auto-reloading instantiated React components in the #uimix editor
First attempt to create a UI component for the #uimix editor itself
(I've made a VS Code extension that provides the custom editor)
#buildinpublic #react #uidesign
Working on the grid layout system of #uimix.
I believe simple row/column count based grids like Framer/Tailwind are okay for most cases
Implementing auto layout system of #uimix. Unlike Figma, UIMix uses margin-bottom for spacings (which are more useful and common than flexbox gaps in websites I think)
Layout system of #uimix editor now can handle resizing of headers (combination of flexbox and absolute positioning)
I've written a very basic Figma plugin to copy & paste layers to #uimix. Working a lot to build the landing page of UIMix with UIMix itself.
The page built with UIMix can eventually be imported from React, and I want to integrate it into a Next.js app.
Designing the landing page of #uimix
I'm using ChatGPT extensively to generate the outline and wordings.
Eventually I want to make whole design process possible in UIMix itself...!

Using ChatGPT (GPT-4) to generate an outline for the landing page for my product.
It generates detailed outlines and cool writings. It also gives feedbacks to the product.
It's really powerful!

I'm improving the drag-and-drop and snapping system of #uimix. It can now snap to items in the drop destination.
I'm also creating a cloud collaborative editor.
Non-developers can edit designs on the web, while developers can use a local editor, manually commit files to Git, and take advantage of hot reloading for generated React components.
#uimix now has a Electron app. It can now visually create components and export them to React realtime.
(rendering the exported React component in a Vite app in the left)
I want to package the app and make available later.
New vertical toolbar (creating frames/texts and inserting components) for #uimix!

I'm implementing collaborative editing of #uimix!
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